I learned to read Tarot as a laugh but after a single day’s course I became obsessed. A few years and much training later, I was reading tarot cards professionally 

Daisy Waugh

Daisy Waugh

If anyone had told me, ten years ago, that I would be reading Tarot cards as a job I would have fallen off my chair with laughter

I am writing this from bed, due to having flu. Yes indeed. Bravery Plus. 

I wish I wrote faster as I always have about five ideas for novels on the back burner

If I had my life again I would  work a lot harder at school, and disbelieve  most of what parents and other adults tell me.

My favourite shop is a hardware store called Select and Save.

If I had not been a novelist I might have designed furniture for a living. I’m not very good at it though so It’s probably lucky I’m a novelist.

I am learning Italian in the not-so-secret hope of moving there with my family quite soon. 

I wish there were more genuinely funny, contemporary novels out there… but they are very hard to find. Publishing wisdom has it that “Funny Books don’e sell.” But that’s because nobody can find them!

My Tarot Detective novels are funny - that’s the main point of them, but they look quite serious from the covers.