I think one of the biggest luxuries in life is to wake up without an alarm clock and if I am not due to be somewhere like a TV studio or in a meeting this is exactly what I get to do, but before you sigh and hurl an object in envy at the screen, I should point out that I wake up naturally at about five a.m. – yeah, see, not so envious now are you? I’m a chirpy, smiley, happy, singing early bird and yes; my entire family (especially my hairy, beer drinking, rugby playing sons) hate me, but never more so than first thing in the morning!

Amanda Prowse writes for Female First

Amanda Prowse writes for Female First

I live on a little farm and wake to the sound of cow farts, pig grunts and chicken clucks – it is actually bliss. I can’t function without caffeine and before my eyes have properly focused and my hair is still in knots, I put on my coffee machine and smile at the prospect of getting that rich dark nectar into my system. If I could have it intravenously, I would. I then go for a wander, wellies on over my PJ’s, mug in hand. I chat to the various cats that congregate on the top of walls and under shrubs and make my way up to the paddock where I sit on a creaky bench and look out over the Severn estuary. I like to sit quietly and have a think, count my blessings, throw out thanks into the universe and see what comes back…

I then swap wellies for thick socks and go to the snug where on a chilly day I light a fire before curling into a comfy sofa with my laptop primed. These are my very best days. I then get lost, entirely lost to the novel I am writing and can tip tap for hours and hours, pausing only to nip to the loo, feed the washing machine or to forage for toast and coffee.

I always stop for supper and we eat something shoved in the Aga hours earlier, always in the kitchen and as a family. I contribute very little to the conversation, as I know nothing about bloody rugby or cricket and spent most of my time in the snug, writing!

Post supper I go straight back to work. The only exception being when I stop to watch Masterchef or Bake Off – my guilty pleasures and much encouraged by my family in the hope I might pick up tips, as I am absolutely hopeless in the kitchen!

I always have a long, hot bath before bed time and think there is nothing nicer then climbing into clean sheets with a long night of sleep ahead.

I have just read this back and realise that I am the most boring person on the planet! I am however happy and that has to be the goal, right?

Maybe I should take up an exciting or exotic hobby like belly dancing, snake charming or the luge… I’ll keep you posted.

The Coordinates of Loss by Amanda Prowse is available now, published by Lake Union Publishing, price £8.99, paperback original.

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