*I can’t drive and have often felt bit of a walking peculiarity for never wanting to learn. I’m an Essex girl these days, but a true Londoner at heart, and naturally gravitate back to the Old Smoke for everything - always relying on the tube or my feet. And yes, perhaps a car would’ve helped on many a rainy school run, but we survived, and my thighs are better for it.

Lives Like Mine

Lives Like Mine

*I have three children, all teenagers and full of fun and energy. All that matters to them right now is their friends and fast food – it's a beautiful age where everything is possible.

*I am a lifelong watcher of EastEnders, since its inception in 1985. It’s my dream to one day write or work for them, using my encyclopedic knowledge of the show’s history. Perhaps I could be the EastEnders version of a Susie Dent from Countdown!

*Since my teens I’ve had back problems, but my twin pregnancy sent it to screamingly terrible levels. Medicinal pain-relieving cocktails for prolapsed discs and a trapped nerve from my bum to my big toe, led to emergency surgery and weeks of bedrest... all with 3 kids under the age of 2. I’ve been lucky ever since, managing the pain by exercise, but if I forget my stretches, it's not long till I’m full of aches and feeling positively decrepit again.

*I’m a lefty in all senses of the word! I struggle with scissors, ironing boards, cutlery (spiral spined notebooks are an utter menace) and balance – to name a few! Everything about me is left heavy; my right hand is a weak companion. How my fellow left-hander Jimi Hendrix mastered a guitar to such genius, I’ll never know - I struggle with a tin opener!

*I really love computer games. All sorts. To completion. Though there’s not so much time as when I was a teenager and games were my life, a great Saturday night for me still is all the family home with the X-box. And snacks. And wine. And more snacks.

*I’m about to begin a master's degree in Creative Writing. I want to keep learning the craft to become the best writer I can be - it’s the most mentally rewarding process.

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I love travelling. Even though I adore my home, sometimes I think I’m at my best when I’m far away, out of my comfort zone, somewhere completely new. It brings out my braver side and my writer’s brain does a little happy dance at all the new experiences. Some of my favourite travels include Mexico, Egypt, Israel and of course, Italy. The last place I visited was Stockholm. I recently renewed my passport, as a gesture of optimism that the current climate will improve, and now it’s in my desk drawer, waiting for adventures…