1. Perhaps I do live vicariously through my novels – my last novel was called The Ladies Midnight Swimming Club, I can best be described as a poor swimmer – panic rips through me as soon as I realise I’m out of my depth. This time, I’ve written a book called The Gin Sister’s Promise, and yes, you guessed it – I’m strictly a coffee, soft drinks, non-alcoholic girl!

Faith Hogan, The Gin Sisters' Promise

Faith Hogan, The Gin Sisters' Promise

2. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. My first full length novels were crime fiction, but since I have had children, I haven’t been able to write about a child in jeopardy – actually, I even find it difficult to read about children as victims. So, yes, it looked like I’ll be writing uplifting books for quite some time to come!

3. It took me fifteen years to convince my husband that we really needed to have a dog and then, I confess, I cheated by getting the brightest, loveliest natured chocolate Labrador ever. Now, I know, we’ll always have a dog, because Mr H has fallen madly, irretrievably in love forever.

4. I have probably binned more words than I’ve published! Maybe that’s the case for a lot of writers, but it’s still heartbreaking to find yourself cutting out a third of every book you write before you even start on the second draft.

5. The biggest thrill for me as a writer has been having my first book accepted by a publisher. I must have read those emails and pinched myself a thousand times before I even signed the contract. There have been lots of highs in my writing career since, lots of times when I’ve happy danced around the kitchen grabbing unsuspecting children or husband for an emergency can-can – but that time remains one that still set’s my heart a flutter.

6. I live in a small town in the west of Ireland and it’s true to say that it greatly inspires my books. I have written some books and part of books based in the city, but for the most part, my stories centre around the landscape which inspires me, the crashing sea, mountains that rip and roll off into the distance, fields of too many shades of green to count, mournful flat bogs and of course, those everyday dramas and constantly twitching curtains…

7. When I’m asked who my favourite writers are, I tend to panic. I’m one those people who generally has two books on the go and I’m lucky if I can remember the title of either. As to favourite authors, there are just too many to narrow down, I mean, how do you pick just one or two? I tend to go for the fail-safe’s, pretty sure that the person asking the question is not a huge reader, simply because if they were, they’d know exactly how hard it is to pick just one!

The Gin Sisters’ Promise, by Faith Hogan (author of The Ladies’ Midnight Swimming Club) is out on 9th June. Published by Aria, an imprint of Head of Zeus. Available to buy in paperback for £12.99.

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