Who would have thought years ago that you would have access to all your favourite magazines in one place? Well with Cafeyn, you can, so as a fellow online platform it seemed right that the staff at Female First should give it a try. 



Lucy Walton Lange, Editor says: With Cafeyn, you can subscribe to unlimited newspapers and magazines giving you instant access to over 250 unlimited titles for just £7.99 a month. 

The choice includes news, women’s, mens, sport and fitness, fashion and lifestyle, home and garden, celebrity and TV, so there is something that will take your fancy whatever your hobby or interest. 

With that said, if you have a specific magazine that you buy every month, it may be worth checking whether they have it before committing to the subscription- of course, the app can’t include everything. 

If you read only one or two magazines and have no interest in any others, you can always just buy individual copies of the ones you know and love.  

I was glad to find my favourite magazine was in there; Psychologies, and was able to dip in and out of magazines that I have enjoyed in the past such as Writers Forum and Cosmopolitan.

The greatest appeal is simply that- you can hop in and out of your beloved magazines for the average price of less than two paper copies.

Of the last few magazines I’ve bought, I found that most of them contained adverts and there were only a few pages that I actually wanted to read. I felt robbed at paying nearly a fiver and finding value in a tenth of the product if I was lucky - it’s safe to say I wasn’t getting my money’s worth.  

With a subscription such as this, you can be selective about which articles you read from the covers and contents pages but you don’t have to commit to one genre. You can read about a movie release one moment and learn about gardening the next. 

This service is especially relevant now as for the past five months people have been taking up new hobbies as a result of lockdown. So, if you have recently developed an interest in eating less meat, baking or sewing, there is a corresponding magazine for such a topic.

Lockdown aside, as the weather cools down, there is always an increased desire for indoor activities, and this is where online services like Cafeyn fulfil that need. In my opinion, a perfect Christmas present for the person who has everything, the environmentally conscious or someone who is looking to live more minimally and doesn’t want a coffee table piled high with paper!  

Daniel Falconer, Entertainment Editor says: With a potential second lockdown looming and people panic buying all over again, you might want to avoid the shops, turn off the doom and gloom of the news and get your entertainment from elsewhere. If you're somebody who enjoys reading the latest magazines from a variety of different genres, then the Cafeyn app could be the perfect distraction.

There are hundreds of digital magazines available upon activation of your subscription, whether you're into reading about the latest celebrity gossip, opinion pieces, or something else entirely.

As the Entertainment Editor at Female First, I immediately rushed over to the Celebrity and TV section, finding a number of different offerings. One of my favourites for sheer entertainment value was Real People, which details real-life stories that are often completely unbelievable. They brought back memories of the 'good old days', when I was a teenager at college buying a handful of different mags to fill in my free periods.

After a few months with not very much to do in furlough, Cafeyn provided a real lifeline. There's endless hours of content available, and for the more adventurous, it'll provide the perfect opportunity to check out some titles that you'd perhaps not spend some cash on if you were perusing at your local supermarket!