Get Published on Female First

Get Published on Female First

Greetings, my friend; please have a seat.

Life's so busy; so seldom we meet.

Been thinking, have thoughts to share.

No, alas, I do not have any beer.


Coffee and tea are my chosen drinks.

They are not what of what I think.

Been thinking about fault; mine, not yours;

does it make a difference, close the doors.


Were I to list my failures and faults in a long list,

would you read, snarl, and say "dismissed"?

The nature of friendship is not so confined;

such knowledge does not fit in narrow define.


Been bashing myself up for years,

fearful to tell; terrified to share.

The question is "why"; friends don't say bye bye

over matters beyond their experience.


Yes, it might happen; yes, we might part;

by choice, time or distance. The small things

are lost; the core of connection need not.

Know that I am flawed, broken and in disrepair;


know equally the regard and trust I have

and feel for you is true and sincere.

We meet here, in this place, watch the stars;

no need for unnecessary speech.


Silence has its own voice.

Speak or not, it is your choice.

Thank you being you, accepting me.

Thank you for being a friend.

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