Are you thinking about going on holiday by yourself, but not sure where to start?

Solo Holidays

Solo Holidays

There are many reasons why you might decide to holiday alone and it can be a really rewarding experience – but also quite daunting.

With useful tips and advice, join Hannah as she uses up her annual leave on adventures from Devon and Jersey to Arizona and Nova Scotia. Filled with insights on choosing the right trip for you, here is your ultimate guide to making your solo holiday a success. Get ready to enjoy some quality ‘me time’ and create memories that will last forever.

Hannah Ireland
Hannah Ireland

Hannah Ireland grew up in both the UK and rural France. Her fascination with travel developed after watching Shirley Valentine (many times) during her formative years. She studied at Queen’s University Belfast and Exeter University and holds a Masters in French Literary Translation. Hannah now lives and works in London.

Hannah explains, “I wrote this book to encourage people to feel that they can have a successful solo holiday. From unattached individuals to single parents, retirees or people who simply have different interests to their partners, I want everyone to feel confident about going it alone.”

Shirley Valentine inspired Hannah
Shirley Valentine inspired Hannah

She continues: “For years, I have listened to others, especially single women, tell me how brave I am and that they wish they could do it too, but they wouldn’t know where to start. My book is intended as a manual to help them overcome their fears about holidaying by themselves.”

Publication Date: 28/07/2023

ISBN: 9781915853004

Price: £8.99

How to Holiday Alone Like a Boss is available from

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