Wouldn’t life be easy if we could just know what to do, how to do it without worrying about the outcome? Sam Evans is a Master NLP Coach specialising in Time Line® Therapy and emotional intelligence. Here she looks at the ways we can become more conscious of where we want to be in life in seven easy steps.

Sam Evans is a Master NLP Coach specialising in Time Line Therapy and emotional intelligence,.
Sam Evans is a Master NLP Coach specialising in Time Line Therapy and emotional intelligence,.

Most of us tend to live life in as comfortable a way as possible to ensure our bills are paid and there is roof over their head. And yes, we absolutely should appreciate the necessities in life. But if we also appreciate the bigger things, then it allows us to focus on every step we take towards our dreams with gratitude for all the little steps we make along the way. Instead of focusing on long term achievement, more and more we are focusing on instant gratification, which then causes us to leave our dreams to one side because we didn’t achieve our goals within minutes!

To be conscious means to be aware of and responding to one's surroundings or by having knowledge of something. To be able to live a life with ease and have trust in the here and now, this will require you to shift from the old way of thinking, feeling, and behaving. This will show you how to become consciously aware of what you really want. I know you want more, and are destined for more, which is why it’s so important for you to begin to bring ease into your life without feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed.

Here are 7 simple steps to start creating your life as you want it to be without the hang ups of the past.

1. Acknowledge where you are right now

Most people find it difficult to appreciate what they do have because they focus more on what they don’t have, causing a complete disconnection from their desires. Instead of appreciating that yes, this is not where you want to be and knowing that there is room for growth and change, you focus more on what isn’t working opposed to what is. It’s about appreciating every lesson, so you can confidently take pride and trust in your next step by acknowledging what is and what isn’t working in your life right now.

2. Forgive the past

I know how challenging it can be to forgive anyone or anything from your past, but this is so vital to help prevent any reactive responses to any new future situations simply because you no longer allow yourself to feel triggered. It’s only natural that we sometimes feel triggered by an event, experience, or someone, especially when we step out of our comfort zone, and do anything new. It’s not that there’s something wrong with the person or situation who potentially triggered an emotional reaction from you, it just means there is something deep inside of you that requires attention, healing, forgiving, and releasing with love, so that you can surrender to your desires. By doing so, you instantly feel lighter and freer with new found clarity in your desires to move forward with ease.

3. Connect to the future version of you

Everyone talks about having vision boards and goals which are amazing as they give you something to look forward to. However, what most people tend to do is look at the image and not do a thing caused by inner conflicts inside the subconscious mind. Instead of hanging onto any outcome, it’s more about acting like that future version of yourself now. Make a list of all the abilities and traits the future version of you has, and ask yourself, am I applying any of these traits now? If not, then you know what you need to do to start manifesting your desires into the now – BECOME YOU.

4. Invest in you

I struggled massively to ask for help because I was heavily consumed with the guilt and fear of not being good enough. This not only prolonged my journey to achieving my desires, but it was so hard for me to breakthrough into the new, caused by my past conditioning. It was only through deep healing mind work and personal growth that I was finally able to clear the clutter that was causing mayhem in my life and began to bring joy and happiness into the present. Remember, you’re not broken or need fixing. You need to do things your way, but give yourself permission to find the right mentor, coach, or program, (with heavy due diligence) to help shine the light on your blind spots so you can ride through life with ease without any flashbacks.

5. Improve your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Now more than ever, EQ is a sought-after subject but one that most people are unsure how to improve. There are four levels of EQ that once improved, will help you live a life with ease and appreciation. The four levels are self-awareness, self-regulation, social-awareness, and social-regulation, including motivation. Tapping into your true self will require a deep assessment to understand where you are doing well and will also highlight areas that require healing or improving. By doing so, you not only increase your levels of income, but you also tap into your levels of EQ at a whole new level, allowing growth and expansion.

6. Master your self-talk

Your self-talk is vital when it comes to achieving a life filled with ease. We have a natural tendency to speak in negatives i.e. I can’t, I won’t, I haven’t etc. and it’s by learning consciously how to flip that language switch from negatives to positive, that we can begin to feel less stressed and anxious. For example, instead of saying, life is so hard, why not say, Life gets to be easy when I trust myself; I know it feels difficult now, but I know I can do this. By mastering your self-talk, you naturally begin to reprogram the way you speak about yourself and effectively how you communicate with others thus creating better relationships and improving your levels of EQ.

7. Live in gratitude

I know it can be challenging to see the good in a situation when everything feels bad, but there is a lot of goodness in your life that first and foremost ought to be appreciated. Make a conscious decision to purchase a gratitude book and write everything you are grateful for every single day. For example, “I am so happy and grateful that I was able to share my views in this article because my purpose is bigger than me.”

Make the conscious choice, decide to decide, and begin to implement these steps into your life today because believe you me, when you do, you not only take back control of your mind, but you take back the steering wheel to your journey, we call life.


Sam Evans’ book - The Cognitive Switch - Turn off self-sabotage and turn on self-empowerment like a flick of a switch is available on Amazon now.

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