I am a mother of two children who are my world. I adore them and my favourite time of the day is when they sneak into my bed in the morning for cuddles.

Gemma Hines by Loki Photography

Gemma Hines by Loki Photography

My best friend is Chris Lowe of Lowe Martial Arts, Town Lane in Denton. He is also my coach, life coach, mentor and teacher. He is my master and the greatest martial artist I know.

I am a level one Martial Arts Instructor for Cobra Martial Arts Association. I have a Black Belt 1st Dan in full contact Kickboxing. I currently hold the British 65kg Full Contact Kickboxing title for the CMAA and Golden belt and have defended both. I currently hold the Commonwealth 65kg full contact kickboxing title for Golden belt.

I am an ambassador for Fighting for Autism and do one on one lessons with children and young adults with special educational needs.

I am currently studying four styles of Martial Arts and hold the following grades in each, Kickboxing 1st Dan blackbelt, Shitoryu Karate 8th Kyu yellow belt, Jiu jitsu not yet graded and FMA 3rd Kyu Brown belt.

I mentor young adults who haven’t been able to stay in full time education or are in a pupil referral unit. I teach them Martial Arts, life and social skills and assist them with Maths, English, Science and History all at the Dojo.

I was a police officer for 10 years and left in January 2017 due to developing PTSD after dealing with the personal loss of friends and colleagues and a few very traumatic incidents.

I suffer from anxiety and depression and believe that it should be taught to young people that it is ok to say “I ‘m not ok”. I believe that people should not be judged based on their mental health as I think that there is such thing as “high functioning mental health”. This, in my opinion, is where a person suffers daily but maintains a functioning life to the outside world.

I have now had my book, “I’m Only Human: 21st Century Cop” published by The Book Guild. The book that inspired me to write my own was “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne and I have bought several copies and gifted them to friends and family. I believe in the law of attraction and believe that good and positivity attracts the same in return.

My mottos are “DREAM IT, BELIEVE IT, ACHIEVE IT”, and “FALL DOWN SEVEN TIMES, STAND UP EIGHT”. I never once thought that I would hold British and Commonwealth Titles in Kickboxing or have the opportunity to teach Martial Arts as a full-time occupation. I never thought that I could write a book or become a published author. I never thought that I would have my own business with the sole purpose of giving young people some hope and aspirations. But I have managed all the above with hard work and determination and the fighters spirit of never giving up. I have overcome so many things lately that would knock many people down and keep them there. If I can do it then anyone can.