A woman always hopes that her one true love and her best mate will be there for her – loyal and trustworthy and beyond suspicion.  

MIchele Campbell

MIchele Campbell

But fast friendships and affairs of the heart are unpredictable.  Sometimes they go very, very wrong – as in the smash-hit international bestseller It’s Always the Husband by Michele Campbell, which explores the dark side of female bonding.  Three college friends nurture a dark secret for twenty years.  When one of them turns up dead, was it the best friend, or is it, as they say, always the husband? 

How to protect yourself from literal back-stabbing by those nearest and dearest to you?  Keep an eye out for these five tell-tale signs.

You receive a new million-pound life insurance policy in the post . . . with your name on it.

It’s the third time this month that the brakes on your car have stopped working.

Your best friend says she’s suddenly developed an interest in sky-diving, and she really, really, really wants you to try it with her.

You win a free trip for one to North Korea, but you don’t remember ever entering the contest.

Your husband has suddenly taken up cooking, and the tea he’s prepared for you tastes a bit . . . off.

Careful out there, ladies.  One can’t be too cautious.