You may think that you know and understand yourself, but do you really? One way to discover who you truly are is to analyse your own birth chart, set for the time, date and place where you were born. My latest book, Writing Your Own Horoscope, shows you exactly how to do this and is full of astrological interpretations to help you decode your own chart. Interpreting it in detail will help you to forge your own astrological destiny because you’ll see new areas of your personality and all kinds of potential that are just waiting to be expressed. You can also use my book to find out what the future holds, so you can grab opportunities when you know they’re coming up or hunker down when you know times are going to be difficult.

Write Your Own Horoscope

Write Your Own Horoscope

Here are seven top tips on how to explore your own birth chart.

1. Calculate your chart using one of the many free astrology websites ( and are both excellent). If possible, print out your chart because it’s so much easier to work from a printed copy than your onscreen chart.

2. Use a special notebook when analysing your chart, so you can keep all your findings in one place. You’ll lose track of what you’re doing otherwise.

3. In astrology, we use a symbol or glyph to represent each planet. Familiarize yourself with each planetary glyph so you can read the chart more easily and don’t get the planets muddled up.

4. Remember that analysing a chart is like doing a jigsaw. You’re fitting lots of pieces together by combining the meaning of the planet with the meaning of the sign it’s in, the house it’s in and the aspects it makes to other planets. Use a good book to help you. (You could start with mine!)

5. Be methodical when analysing your chart. Start with the Sun and go through each planet in turn until you finish with Pluto. Take your time and don’t expect to do it all in one session, so you can process the information you’ve gathered before moving on to the next area of your chart.

6. Don’t be fazed if you find contradictions in what the chart is saying about you. This is perfectly normal and one of the things that makes astrology so fascinating! Maybe some of these contradictions explain characteristics you’ve never realized about yourself until now?

7. When you’ve gone through your birth chart, start looking at what the future holds by examining the positions of the planets in real time and comparing them with your birth chart. In Write Your Own Horoscope I give many examples of how each planet could affect you. Come up with even more ideas by thinking creatively about the planet, the sign it’s currently occupying and the area of your chart that it’s moving through. Put the three factors together, as though making up a story. What do you come up with? Write it down in your notebook and refer to it in the weeks or months ahead. How accurate were your predictions? It’s a great way to hone your astrology skills!

Write Your Own Horoscope: Follow the Stars, Design your Destiny by Jane Struthers, White Lion Press, £14.99, is published in the UK on 26 January and in the US on 23 February 2021. To find out more about Jane and her books, go to

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