I remember a time when my job consumed each day and my personal life whizzed by in the background - poor thing, my love life, all neglected and far too busy to entertain. Not entirely true, I had fun, but it wasn’t a consistent thread in my life. I worked in a male dominated company, one where career took priority and you were measured by your future potential – how far could you go? Romance doesn’t establish a foothold when you’re too busy ticking off targets and being submerged in a pool of men doesn’t make them eligible, especially if they’re committed to their own goals.

My own diversion was to read – those Black Lace books tucked away in the bottom of a wardrobe - and write short stories. A cocktail of the erotic, the thriller and a smidge of kink. I dabbled for years until my career took a break and gave me the opportunity to venture further into a life as an author.

I’d several ideas floating around in my head when I sat down to write this book of mine. Not all made it on to the page in a sensible fashion, some kind of filtering mechanism switches on and eliminates a few rather risqué scenes.  I imagined an obsession, but not an obsessive person. I pictured her as hard working, focused, driven, ambitious and frustrated – perhaps like me, before the right man came into my life.  It is a common condition, the obsession of a career in the making.

In my newest release, Touched, I chose to write about Tania. A young woman in a supposedly man’s work of financial investments, fighting her way over the heads of others similar in ilk to herself in order to make the top of the pile. 

I saw her alone, but not lonely. I created an empty spot in her double bed, waiting to be filled. She talks of a longing to have company, but the opportunity is lacking and she won’t give that time for herself, because what if she lost out and missed her footing on the ladder of success.

Spinning my tale of obsession, the familiar scenario of an ambitious, time constrained young woman, I hunted around for the solution. How to find the spark, the ignition for a new relationship, one which would build a story and let the characters develop.

Writing erotic romance for me isn’t all about the sexy scenes or describing the tingling skin sensations as two people throw themselves into each others arms.  I’m a writer of kink. There has to be something tossed into the mix to add spice, a distinctive flavour.

Having done the dungeon kink, where plot tension comes in the form of exploring social taboos, I stowed that particular pen and took up another. What if the kink is my work obsessed heroine discovering unexpected excitement beyond what she’d initially imagined.  What if it turns out the man she meets has a sexy game he likes to play. Nothing extreme, something which offers pleasure and release for the stressed women in his life.

Letting go of tension, taking sexual relief and giving over your body to another for them to control and touch takes courage. It’s not for the weak or faint-hearted. Both parties have to be clear about what they wish to achieve and if they don’t communicate well, things can easily go awry.  Society doesn’t like us to experiment. It pushes back when we break free of the norms. Women aren’t meant to be sexually frustrated – we’re surrounded by men with rampant sex drives – isn’t that what is portrayed in the media?

Giving your sexual desires to another to fulfil isn’t about losing integrity or status. It can complete a relationship.

In the beginning of Touched, Tania sets out to meet an erotic masseur, a man to pleasure her with caresses and intimate touches, then she finds out he has his own obsession, one he is keen to share with her. Her dilemma – does she risk her career to follow him?

What drives us to keep coming back to something we’re not sure is appropriate or right for us? Probably the same reason I keep writing these kinky books – it opens up the mind to forbidden fantasies and the thrill of escapism. If your job is keeping you buried, occupying your time, then take a break - come and join me, and other authors, with a moment in a different world. One where you’re allowed to push the boundaries and see what lies beyond.


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