Become your most unapologetic and authentic self with Janna Johnson’s book UNF*CK YOUR MIND: Shatter Limiting Beliefs to Become Who You Were Meant to Be — your personal guide and roadmap to getting out of your own way.

Personal guide and roadmap to getting out of your own way

Personal guide and roadmap to getting out of your own way

Let's face it, at some point or another, you’ve felt stuck in your life, or always have. It can be a lonely feeling, but half of Americans feel trapped in their financial situations, more than 75% of people globally feel stuck in their jobs, and 80% of Americans admit to being stuck in a routine. If such a large percentage of individuals feel this way, what’s the solution?

The solution sounds simple enough: changing your mindset. But in hindsight, it requires serious inner work, something Janna Johnson is well versed in. Nine times out of ten, the thing that’s holding us back and trapping us in our circumstances is ourselves and the limiting beliefs we’ve built up throughout our existence. Yet, there is a way to stop the cycle and break free from the grips of self-doubt.

To get unstuck you must get out of your own way. The overarching question, then, is how.

Mindset Coach and Nutritionist expert Janna Johnson believes the mindset is the cornerstone of all success in life — an understanding she gained after facing many trials and tribulations which became the catalyst for her first book UNF*CK YOUR MIND: Shatter Your Limiting Beliefs to Become Who You Were Meant to Be, released January 11th, 2024. The #1 Best Seller & #1 New Release in multiple categories takes you on a journey alongside Johnson as she reveals her inspiring transformation from victim to victor. She learned how to unf*ck her mind and is dedicated to helping you do the same.

So how exactly do you unf*ck your mind?

“By getting out of your own way,” Johnson says. “Most people live their lives being held back by their limiting beliefs, and they don't even realize that. Same for me. I didn't know that for a long time. Limiting beliefs are formed in our childhood and growing up. And what happens is those create invisible chains — they hold us back in life. So you unfuck your mind by shattering each limiting belief which breaks the chains and sets you free.”

For Johnson, her limiting beliefs, stemming from childhood experiences of never being good enough, feeling approved, and receiving love, translated into her adult life. Toxic relationships and struggles with anxiety, depression, and eating disorders plagued her twenties, but something she never expected flipped her life on its head.

“When I was 31, I got a bullseye rash, but at the time I was unaware of Lyme disease, so I didn't associate it, I ignored it. Six months later, my life fell apart. It took a year and a half, and 14 doctors to figure out that I had chronic Lyme disease, hypothyroidism, major gut issues, and just a ton of stuff in my body that was not functioning properly,” she shares.

The mountain behind the hill was the lack of effective solutions. “There was no answer and nothing I took worked.” She could no longer function, let alone take care of her children, and was overcome with severe brain fog, panic attacks, anxiety, muscle pain, and more. Hope became nonexistent.

But the day Johnson found herself on a bridge contemplating taking her life was the ending to a new beginning; she fell to her knees that day when she got home, praying that she knew her precious kids were not put on this earth for their mom to be this sick. She realized through all of her research that the reason she could not find the story of hope from someone who was as sick as she was with Lyme was because she was meant to be that story. She chose to believe differently that day as she could no longer be negative about the tormenting disease that plagued her life every second of every day. That day she chose to believe what seemed impossible as she declared “I will beat Lyme disease. It chose the wrong body and now it is time to get the f*ck out!” She knew that one day she would write a book about her journey of overcoming the impossible so that other people living with Lyme and invisible diseases had the story of hope she once desperately searched for.

“I was listening to so much negativity with everyone telling me I’ll never get well,” she recalls. “That day, I decided to believe I could get well, and once I did, my actions started following my thoughts.” By changing the way she thought, it affected the choices she made, and from that point forward, healed herself of Lyme disease 100%. The road to healing was not easy for Janna, as it was a slow process without any promise of getting well, but her unwavering strength and determination to get well.

But her story doesn’t end there. Before she recognized the power of her mindset, she had to fully step into her new beginning.

“I was married for 14 years, and had 3 beautiful kids when I was suddenly hit with the unthinkable and the ultimate betrayal,” she recalls. “After 14 years of emotional and narcissistic manipulation on top of betrayal, we divorced … That heartbreak was worse than Lyme disease.”

From overcoming Lyme disease to surviving a tumultuous marriage, her “life restart” marked a new beginning: healing her mindset and shattering the limiting beliefs she had long been living with. 

Today, she is fully living her purpose and the life she was meant to live because she made the conscious choice to “unf*ck her mind.” Now, she empowers others to embrace the limitless potential of their minds and bodies. All this and more is revealed in her book UNF*CK YOUR MIND — “a form of service” for others who may be experiencing the afflictions Johnson did. 

What initially started as a story about Lyme disease transcended into a cathartic form of therapy for Johnson, and a roadmap to break free of invisible chains for others. Her inspiring narrative can be used as a guide to release thoughts of fear-based self-doubt to step into a life of abundance and purpose. As Johnson learned, getting to the root cause of everything and anything that may be trapping you is the first step to total life empowerment.

“I want to show my kids that you can overcome, and you can be anything you want to be. I can't tell them that they can be if I'm not showing that,” she says. “So 17 months ago I said yes to myself. And I’m not scared anymore.”

The moment she said yes to herself, everything started falling into place. The most challenging part of getting unstuck is choosing to do something that you do not know the outcome of, but once you do, you’ll never look back.

“We all have that path. You have the path of staying the victim and being scared, and then you have the path of saying yes to yourself and going after it. And it's all there for you. It's waiting, but you just have to get to the door, and you do that by not staying stuck and imprisoned in pain or the tough seasons of life. You will never regret choosing yourself and going after your dreams, but you will regret it if you don’t.”

If you’re tired of feeling stuck, not doing what you love and you are passionate about and want to alter the course of your life, it’s possible — but it’s up to you to say yes. “It’s going to ignite a fire in you,” Johnson says.

You deserve to be in control of your life. To learn more about Janna Johnson and her book UNF*CK YOUR MIND: Shatter Your Limiting Beliefs to Become Who You Were Meant to Be, visit her website here. To get a copy of your own book, visit this link.