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In her new speculative novel, social scientist Lynn Watson weaves the human drama of power and self-interest around future advances in biomedicine and technology. In 2048, this includes continual rejuvenation, age reversal and brain enhancement.

The story is set within the select community of Wellowfern, which offers enrichment experiences and therapies to promote longevity and healthy ageing. With radical life extension in prospect, competing forces are lining up to impose widely different visions of the future.

Isabel is a loyal and influential resident who knows all about corporate intrigue and manipulation. She now has to figure out who is pulling the strings, which side she is on and how to defend her safe haven and eccentric, misfit friends, as the high-level infighting threatens to overwhelm them.

Lynn says, “I chose 2048 as it is twenty-five years from publication. This leap in time allows for imaginative conjecture around scientific progress, as well as big shifts in lifestyles, social organisation and global powerplay. I hope that Lifespinners will still work as a story in 2048 and that I’ll still be around (age 95) to find out what has come true, what has gone sideways and where I have completely missed the mark.

Lynn Watson
Lynn Watson

Authors thoughts

During my career in social research, I worked alongside organisations concerned with health, housing and social care. The Lifespinners plot was inspired by a group discussion on the estimated number of people who would be living with dementia in 2050. After saying that dementia may be fully preventable by then (and losing the argument), I turned my mind to a fascinating question: What will happen when we can cure or prevent all the diseases and health conditions of old age – and have the scientific know-how to reverse and eliminate ageing itself?

What we thought.

A truely intriguing novel that delves into the future world of human life, AI, artificial body parts, changing life expectancy, and mortality. This is a very clever and enthralling read that will set your mind racing. 

RELEASE DATE:  28/10/2023    ISBN: 9781805141068  Price: £9.99

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