Being an author during lockdown is definitely not the hardest job in the world. We’re used to locking ourselves away with our laptops, assorted pets, and buckets of coffee, but I think everyone, no matter their personal circumstances, can agree that it’s been a tough time with worry, uncertainty and anxieties whether physical or mental health related, financial or emotional.

Coming Back To You

Coming Back To You

There have been plenty of personal and professional disappointments- cancelled plans, cancelled exams, cancelled holidays, cancelled weddings, book launches, promo tours. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, 2020 resembled the departure board of any British transport station during a dusting of snow.

Personally, I felt lucky. Really lucky. Life might have been on hold, but everything I couldn’t do could be penciled in for next year. The launch of my books, New Rules in July 2020 and Coming Back to You in September 2020, could go ahead online. It wasn’t the end of the world.

I’ve spent lockdown getting my bittersweet romance prepped and ready to hit the shelves. Coming Back to You follows shy, aspiring artist Emma through first love and second chances, and while I was nervous (and still am!) about such a poignant story after a series of strong, independent female protagonists in previous books lockdown has completely changed the way I viewed the release of this one.

Emma and her first love Ryan might get their second chance at love, but it is of course just fiction. Lockdown really emphasised that the future is not guaranteed.

Over 40,000 people won’t get to reschedule their cancelled plans. Tens of thousands more have been seriously ill, and it can be a long hard road to recovery. And then there are all the people living with other illnesses during this time. Potentially life-saving treatment has been put on hold for some, and then what about those with life-limiting illnesses? While we can only assume that we have time, for some people they know for certain that they don’t. And that’s so much more heartbreaking than any postponed plans.

The pressure on charities due to the lockdown has been enormous. Much worse than any pressures I might have personally felt. Many fundraising activities have been postponed, and these can account for a huge proportion of a charity’s income which is why I have chosen to donate all the 2020 royalties from Coming Back to You to the Huntington’s Disease Association. The UK based charity fund research into treatment and provides invaluable support for people living with or caring for people with the condition.

Coming Back to You is due out on 21/09/2020 available as an e-book and paperback from Amazon. All royalties in 2020 will go to the Huntington’s Disease Association, or if romance is not your cup of tea please head along to their website to find out more about how you can support.