1. I guess the first thing I should tell you about me is that I love to talk. I love a good conversation. I love getting to know what other people love, their passions and hobbies and what makes them happy. Getting to write articles like this, getting to talk to my readers and fellow bookworms brings me joy. So, I’ll tell you about me and once you’ve reached the end of this article, be sure to comment or get in touch via social media and tell me something about you.

Lucy Knott, Love Lessons in Starcross Valley

Lucy Knott, Love Lessons in Starcross Valley

2. I’m a twin which means 99.9% of the time I refer to myself as ‘we.’ Don’t be alarmed, my twin sister Kelly and I have been a packaged deal and have been doing this since the day we could talk. In fact, writing books is one of the areas we differ. Though Kelly is writing children’s books and we dream of writing a book together one day, being an author allows me to share 100% of me with you that is a little step away from ‘The Blossom Twins.’

‘The Blossom Twins’ I hear you say. ‘Who are they?’

3. For ten years Kelly and I were known in the professional wrestling world as ‘The Blossom Twins.’ We wrestled as a tag team around the UK and later went to Louisville Kentucky where we wrestled for Ohio Valley Wrestling and then Impact Wrestling. We appeared on Challenge TV’s first wrestling reality TV show ‘British Bootcamp’ and James Corden’s ‘A League of Their Own.’

4. Before there was professional wrestling, there was skateboarding. When I was thirteen, I dreamt of making it to the X-Games one day but that dream never quite materialised, just like the ollies I kept trying and failing that summer. However, twenty years later I bought a new skateboard and have now been skateboarding nearly a year. I am loving it and it reaffirms one of my favourite quotes ‘Believe in your dreams, they were given to you for a reason.’

5. My first two novels ‘How to Bake a New Beginning’ and ‘The Ingredients for Happiness’ were both set in Italy. I’m half Italian on my Mum’s side and love writing stories that connect with me on some level be it through a place, a character or an experience that I have had.

6. I love a meet cute and am all about rom coms. Bright, happy, colourful book covers make me giddy and I can’t resist a romantic book or movie. My bookshelf is full to the brim of romance novels and I have seen the movie ‘What’s Your Number?’ a gazillion times and can recite it word for word.

7. I’d choose Marvel over DC every time except when it comes to Shazam because Zachary Levi is everything. I have a giant Shazam poster in my office, which is filled with many a nerdy trinket and I love it. It’s my favourite place to write.

Love Lessons in Starcross Valley, by Lucy Knott is published on 26th May by Aria, an imprint of Head of Zeus. Available to buy in paperback for £8.99.