Whenever I tell people that I write, I get the usual response-oh, cool. What do you write? A long second of trepidation follows as I try to graciously explain that I write about hot guys getting it on with each other. I have learned to endure the dubious looks and silent questions passed my way. I am no longer afraid to tell people what I write, but I have recently dropped the gay tag in 'gay romance'. I can safely say it has come at the perfect time.

Wild Beauty

Wild Beauty

With the U.S Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality, the world is moving forward. For me, what started out as an attraction toward two men being with each other has morphed into something much more important. While racism still exists, and homophobia will continue, I no longer fetishize the genre. After all, how do two men differ from anybody else? They are both consenting, human adults-love is love. Moving forward, I no longer tell people I write 'gay romance', but 'romance'. Sometimes it is left at that, other times they ask for details, and I tell them with pride that I enjoy writing romance between two men… confused looks ensue. I suppose the idea of a straight woman writing about intimate situations with gay men might be jarring. Then again, we women have our kinky side.

Like any issue through history, it's all about stereotypes and misconceptions. But progress is picking up steam and the ideals society once clung to are being left far behind. Sure, titillation is still a big reason why I write gay romance, but the love aspect of it has become something more-like any sap, I like to see two people fall in love and go through the trials of maintaining that love. And the reward of their love conquering all is highly fulfilling. Wild Beauty was easy to write because of this. Despite their troubled past, and perhaps because of it, they found what was missing in each other. The fun, sexy times is great, but connecting on a deeper level fills a longing I think we all have. Everyone wants to be loved, as the old saying goes.

This holds true for all people-straight or gay, black or white-we are all human beings deserving of happiness and if that happiness is found with someone of the same sex… so what? I've realized this is the draw to gay romance for me. Yes, two guys are hot, but the struggle to be together when many reject that love, is my magnet. Fight the good fight, and all that.

This is a great time to be alive. As the world slowly changes for the better it is my hope that love in all forms becomes the normal. The time when we as a species set aside our differences, and come together as one is fast approaching. I can't help imagining what the human species is capable of achieving when this happens.