Over 70% of our world is water, there is no doubt we are a blue planet. At least half of Earth's oxygen comes from the ocean, and we are now starting to understand the impact of our plastic habits of the last century. Every day approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans – we’re slowly suffocating our own life source.

Ruby Rockpool and the Garbage Patch King

Ruby Rockpool and the Garbage Patch King

For this reason it’s never has been more important to teach the next generation about the amazing world underneath the dancing waves, and the impact of humans, something we were never aware of in my time at school, back in the nineties.

By teaching children more about this incredible side of our planet, with its diverse vibrant habits and marine life, we’re both expanding their minds and teaching them to become more conscious humans; conscious of human impact on our planet, being a more conscious consumer using less plastic, reusing, rebuilding and reducing. By inspiring change and innovation we are building a more sustainable future, to not fear the water and what lies beneath but to live in harmony with this life-giving watery expanse.

It’s my opinion marine biology should be taught in schools, there are some fascinating creatures, crazy colourful and weird and wonderful, plus some with amazing skills and superpowers, like echolocation, inbuilt GPS systems and the ability to regenerate teeth and arms!

I was lucky enough to grow up in Devon by the coast and lived in Brunei in Borneo for a few years, when I was very little, so I have a huge affinity with the ocean, it’s my happy place where I feel pure peace and joy. I learnt to scuba dive on The Great Barrier Reef 10 years ago, so have seen the absolute wonder of the underwater colourful jungle and creatures. I have dived all over the world and trained as a mermaid in the Philippenes and in the UK.

In the last few years I have trained as a freediver to get even closer to that feeling of pure serenity when submerged.

I absolutely adore being a mermaid and I use my mersona ‘Hannah Pearl’ as a creative fun way to talk to kids about marine life and conservation. The look on their little faces when they see a full-grown mermaid sitting in a giant clam, is of disbelief and curiosity!

Mesmerised by the colourful tail it’s a great way to draw them in to talk them about marine life and what they can do to help save our seas.

As we mermaids are unable to do parties or appearances at present, I wanted to channel my passion for being a mermaid and marine conservation into a children's picture book which is based on marine warrior mermaid on a mission to save our oceans, with interesting marine facts some mermaid magic and a serious message of conservation from the deep.

I hope my book inspires children to make conscious actions about our environment and sparks joy and intrigue in to our wonderful seascape!

Best fishes

Hannah Pearl

The book retails at £9.95 plus P+P with £2 donated from every book split equally between Marine Conservation Society and Sea Shepherd UK.

You can buy direct at www.rubyrockpool.com

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