1. I have severe dyscalculia. I cannot remember or retain numbers. I see them jumbled up or back to front. I don’t know my own phone number or car registration. I struggle to read a digital clock or use a calculator. I have poor spatial recognition and have difficulty following directions. I cannot visualize distances and don’t know my left from my right without making the L with my thumb to decide. Dates and times are difficult and as for remembering birthdays etc, well, let’s just say I am not your woman. I rely heavily on my calendar and diary. I have only ever used an ATM twice in my life and only acquired a mobile phone last year. I rarely make or receive calls on it, I use it for messaging and as a camera. Dyscalculia is part of a group of disorders carried genetically, dyslexia and dyspraxia are also carried on the same gene. I don’t have dyslexia, but I am quite dyspraxic.

Murder in the Belltower

Murder in the Belltower

2. One of my passions is architecture. I love buildings and the impact the built environment has on people. I love church and cathedral architecture and studied it at A level. I’m fortunate to live in the UK where there are buildings that go back thousands of years. The human story of the people who made those buildings and lived, died and worshipped in them is absolutely fascinating. I use a lot of this passion in my writing. My favourite period is the Georgian era when they seem to have really understood the dimensions of space. I highly recommend the Avoncroft museum which has a fascinating selection of buildings and a brilliant collection of telephone boxes and exchanges.

3. My faith is very important to me and is central to the way I live my life. I don’t believe that going to church every Sunday makes you a Christian anymore than standing in a garage once a week would make you a mechanic. For me, faith is a living thing. It’s about your service to others and your care and regard for those around you and your own personal spiritual journey. Faith is a deeply personal thing and has to be discovered by the individual. I rarely speak about my faith, I don’t feel that I should need to. I hope I can live it instead.

4.I love to be beside the sea. My favourite places are on the Welsh coast and of course, my beloved Devon where my books are set. It’s really soothing just to sit and watch and listen to the waves and to walk on the beach.

5. Music is hugely important to me. I love all kinds of music from opera to heavy metal and love to find new artists. I enjoy Andre Rieu, Bryan Adams, Meatloaf, Taylor Swift, David Bowie, Beyonce and the Opera Boys to give you some idea of the range.

6. I’m scared of heights and once got myself trapped on a small rope bridge and had to be rescued by some passing army cadets when I froze and couldn’t move. Not my finest hour.

7. I’m passionate about green spaces and the need to protect the environment. I have helped to support a number of campaigns to reduce chemical use on food, to protect bees and bats and to ensure that we are accountable for our stewardship of the planet. We have a responsibility to our children and grandchildren to leave the earth and the seas in good shape.

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