Nichelle Gregory

Nichelle Gregory

Ashes to Flames is a steamy fantasy tale about eternal love, and redemption after a secret is revealed. I drew inspiration from my fascination of the legend of the phoenix!



You have been in love with books since middle school, so who were your favourites back then?

Oh, my goodness! I loved Sweet Valley High and Nancy Drew books! In eighth or ninth grade I came across a Harlequin romance. Needless to say, I soon amassed a huge collection of those books much to my parents chagrin.


When did this passion persuade you to write your own?


I've always been drawn to expressing myself through writing. I remember my mom giving me my first journal at an early age and the freedom and magic I felt every time I opened it. I fell in love with the romance genre and I wanted tales with heroines I didn't just relate to emotionally, but also physically. Truly, it was this longing that led me to writing my first romance in a notebook I still have!


Why do you love anything that embraces creativity within us?


Because when we create something we truly offer a glimpse of what passions, interests or curiosities lie within.  A shared creative expression is the rawest, most intimate gift you can share with another soul.


Why do thrilling and exciting characters challenge you to push yourself as a writer?


I always strive to create likable, relatable and believable characters and the challenge for me with every book is to develop characters my readers can connect with and vividly picture in their mind.


You have written seven other books, so what can you tell us about these?


Every single one of my books showcase a super sexy alpha hero and a kick-ass heroine! I guarantee you will be drawn into the stories I weave and find yourself rushing to find out what happens on the next page!


Lovin' Leela was my first published work with Totally Bound! It will always be special to me for that reason and because it delves into the hot fantasy of an undeniable attraction between new neighbors!


The Djinn Brotherhood series is an exciting, highly sensual journey that explores the erotic possibilities of unleashing a gorgeous genie into your life! What would you ask for?


Hearts & Diamonds is a suspenseful, ultra-sexy tale about a jewel heist that throws together Nia and Quinn, a FBI agent determined to protect her but will he be able to protect his heart?


Taken By Surprise, another paranormal tale of mine, is a personal fave with an ultra-alpha hero and a heroine that refuses to be loved - this story really turns up the heat!


And finally, there's Doll, probably my kinkiest published tale to date! It's an erotic story I promise you will think about after the last page is turned!



What is next for you? 


Well, I'm currently working on a contemporary series for Totally Bound. It will feature rich characters, sexy plots with unexpected spice! Look for the first book in my Soul Series in January 2014!


Also coming in January, Talk Sexy! A smoking hot five part serial where a phone sex operator discovers that pleasure over the phone can work both ways!


I'm also planning on a full length book featuring Sabrina and Jai from my latest release, Ashes to Flames!



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