Talk Sexy: Part Three

Talk Sexy: Part Three

In Talk Sexy: Part Three, Peyton has to make some tough decision when her erotic phone play fantasies collide with her real life. I don't want to give too much away, but this emotionally charged instalment in my five part serial will delight and surprise readers.


This is the third part of the Talk Sexy Serial, so what can you tell us about the other two?


Talk Sexy: Part One starts off with a bang! It introduces the characters and gives readers an uninhibited peek into the world of phone sex and hopefully leaves you wanting more. Part two reveals more about Peyton and Ian's lives as their kinky conversations delve deeper, sparking a mutual need for them both!


Please give us some insight into the characters of Peyton and Ian.


I adore Peyton! She's a vivacious, hardworking woman with desires she's ignored until she's forced to face them. Ian is deliciously alpha in everything he says or does and yet he has an undeniable warmth. I think the chemistry between the two is erotic and unforgettable!


Please tell us about your inspiration behind this tale.


Although, I'd like to share more about my inspiration behind this story, I've been sworn to secrecy... at least for now. :)


What is next for you?

I'm currently finishing up book two in my Souls Entwined Series! I'm looking forward to working on book three next. Readers will fall in love with the characters in this contemporary erotic romance series which will swept readers away to different locations with scintillating sexually-charged scenarios that always lead to love!


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