Nischal introduces some new characters into the series. Nischal and his brother Sabin have been held captive in their snow leopard form for almost two years. They've been used as bait in a diabolical plan involving human trafficking. It is seeing his mate that sets Nischal free, in a way. He finds the strength to fight for his freedom, because if he doesn't, his mate will die. This is their beginning. 


This is book nine in the Leopard Spot series, so what can you tell us about the other eight? 

Each book is about a different shifter and his mate. It began with Grandma Marybeth's grandchildren, but has since branched out to cousins and now, with Nischal, long-lost family that were smuggled over from the Himalayas. There is adventure and laughter in every story, along with some fun, kinky sex, and love, lots of love. 


Where did your inspiration for snow leopard shifters come from? 

A very good friend of mine, Cherri, watched a TV special on snow leopard shifters. She sent me a text about them, and told me when it's time for them to reproduce, they have sex so many times it's amazing. From there, the series was born. 


There are a lot of erotic books on the market right now so how do you keep your readers entertained and your material fresh? 

I have the best readers in the world, and as to writing, I do my best. I write stories that I hope are entertaining, funny, and sexy. Inspiration is everywhere, though. In a glance, the touch of a hand, a word, news stories and in everyday people's lives. There's so much around us that can spur creativity. 


Who are your favourite reads? 

I like stories with a good plot, a happy ending, not too much angst, and no cheating. It doesn't matter what the pairing, when I do get to read, I want to relax and not get stressed out. 


You have released an e book every month this year, so how do you keep up with the pace and the frequent deadlines? 

Panic, that's a motivator. Total-E-Bound has been great working with me on the deadlines as there have been many things that happened in the past year which put me behind schedule. Still, I love writing, and my mind rattles on all the time. Writing helps to calm that chatter down. 


If you could have dinner with any author who would it be? 

I'd likely choke on my salad out of sheer nervousness if I had dinner with any of my favourite authors! 


What is next for you? 

I have three more books to finish writing this year— so at least 150,000 words to go, then it's time to start on next year's schedule! I'll be at Gay Rom Lit Retreat in October, other than that, I'll just be writing away :-)


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