I am married, and we are parents to 3 crazy, but amazing little boys. They are my absolute inspiration and my pride and joy. My house is complete and utter chaos with these guys, but I would not have it any other way !

Jason Tucker

Jason Tucker

Operation Clean Up Day is my first published book; it was written over a year ago, and was inspired literally one day when my very own boys were attempting to clean up their toys, but not actually doing any cleaning but playing with their toys even more so and getting into their imaginary play world, my wife said you should write a book about this… So, I did! My boys have given me the best ideas for all my future books and unpublished works.

I am a ‘list’ freak, I love a list. I create a list and set targets for everthing I do, which range from minor tasks that need to completed that week or day, and then to my key long term targets which can span over the next 5 years. The list can evolve and adapt as you would expect, however it gives me an element of structure and allows me to plan things.

I strongly believe exercise is key to a healthy life and especially a healthy mind - most mornings I either run or swim before work as it sets the day up so well, it gives you real focus and really cleanses the mind -  I have all my best ideas in the morning.

My Favourite book I read to my Children is ‘where the wild things are’ it’s so much fun, especially when the little boy in the book shouts out ‘let the wild rumpus start’ at which point the wild rumpus starts where we are, and we then start to jump and up and down… Because of this, it’s not a good bedtime story for us!

My end of week favourite treat is Pizza, when I finish work and head home – I can basically demolish a whole Pizza with ease in a single sitting – Food of the gods, well once a week it is anyway!

I refuse to get stressed about anything mundane like ‘bills’ or other routine things in life (or at least I try hard not to anyway!)  Even though I love a ‘list’ (as mentioned earlier) I look to enjoy each moment and live for the ‘here and now’, this relaxed approach can cause some friction between me and my wife as she is the complete opposite, which can be extremely comical at times – But opposites do attract apparently.

One of my most exhilarating moments ever experienced, was a skydive I did in Dubai... AMAZING. Highly recommended to anyone who ever comes close to getting an opportunity. From the thrill of the free fall, to the surreal quietness when the parachute opens and you're descending, a real life changing experience but not for the faint hearted.

One of our most favorite holidays ever, was a ‘road trip’ around California for 4 weeks, it was literally me and the wife (back then my girlfriend, and child free!). We set off from L.A. in a convertible and road map in hand (no iPhone back then) and drove through and stayed for short periods in San Fran (City), Yosemite (Mountains), Tahoe (Lakes), Death Valley (Desert), Vegas (Party), Sand Diego (Chilled Surfer town) and back to L.A. It was truly an amazing experience!

I try to promote many values with my children, but two things stick out, which also inspire me in return, which are ‘imagination and ambition’, you can really achieve anything at any age at any time, if you focus and believe in yourself. I love success stories, and especially love the difficult journeys that people have had overcome to get to those chosen success points, regardless of what level it is.

About the author: Born and raised in London, Jason Tucker is married and is a father of three young boys. He is enjoying an international working life  basing himself between London and Dubai. This is his first published work with a number of other titles in the pipeline as well as working on a number of other ventures including TV, Film & graphic novels. Operation Clean Up Day by Jason Tucker & illustrated by Nick Roberts (published by Clink Street Publishing 28th September RRP £5.99 paperback and RRP £2.99 ebook) is available to purchase from online retailers including amazon.co.uk and to order from all good bookstores.