Pure Harmony

Pure Harmony

Pure Harmony is the fourth story in the McKingley series and is about a woman who was a child prodigy. Her career was derailed by an unfortunate accident and she now teaches music at the university in McKingley. Harmony and Jonathon had a one night fling when they met at an auction. He’s never forgotten her so when they meet again in McKingley, he decides to pursue her. Harmony is a woman who loves the simple in life and Jonathon is the opposite, he thrives with his money and top of the line…well everything. Theirs is a journey of learning how to meet somewhere in the middle and to look forward not back when they try to have a relationship of their own.

MJ: Pure Harmony is about Jonathon Wrights and Harmony Oshiro. They had a one-night stand and Jonathon can’t get Harmony out of his mind. When he sees her again he pursues her. Harmony believes they are from different worlds and cannot work but Jonathon is determined to show her that they can.

Please can you both give us some insight into your previous publications?

AB: Insight? Hmm, let me think. Right off hand I would say it usually begins for me with a military member and their family yells or members of their unit/command/whatever and it branches off into another series. That is the line I tend to toe being as I’m a proud Navy wife and get so many ideas just from driving onto base. I do have a co-authored paranormal series with Taige Crenshaw at Total-E-Bound dealing with the Egyptian gods/goddesses. McKingley is the contemporary series that didn’t begin with a military member for me. I also have a smokejumper story.

MJ: All the Wright Moves is book 1 of series which is about Warwick Taylor and Katiya Wright. It all started with an attraction that was right from their first meeting. These two have both suffered pain of loss. Now they come together and find that maybe they can have love again.

The Best Thing Yet book 2 is about Arissa Wright and Deiter Schneider. For them all it takes is a single glance. They meet on a cruise and their interaction is hot and sexy. But Deiter had to leave suddenly and they lose touch with each other. Then a fate brings them back together and now the two of them have to decide if they want to keep the best thing yet that happened to them or let it go.

Risky Pleasures book 3 is about Delicia Wright Archer Bennett. They both have known each other from childhood although they weren't really friends. Delicia has had a crush on Archer for a long time. He makes her babble and lose all sense. Archer is also attracted but doesn't go to make her his. At least at first…when they do get together is explosive. There are some obstacles for them to overcome but ultimately they realize that they are each other's soul mate.

How did you become involved with Total E Bound publishing?

AB: I was informed by a friend that Total-E-Bound had an open call for military stories they wanted to put into an anthology. For charity. Two of my favorite things. So I wrote one and submitted it. I was blessed that Total-E-Bound took the story and added it to their anthology, Camouflaged Hearts. That was released in 2007. My story in there was A Marriage of Convenience and is the kickoff story for the Code of Honour series. (Yes, see, another series. *grin*)

MJ: I’ve heard good things about Total-E-Bound Publishing. When Aliyah and I were working on our co-authored books we decided to send it to them. They accepted and it has been a great experience.

McKenna you used to make up stories and never thought that you would put them on paper, so why was it that you did?

MJ: The stories got so much for my head that I knew I had to write them down because there was much more stories that would keep coming and coming. And thankfully I was right. The ideas are always filling my mind and my fingers can’t type fast enough to keep up. *grin* which is wonderful. So I have so many stories to tell.  

Aliyah, you spend your time juggling you writing, work and dog training, so what is that you for a living?

AB: I am actually a full time writer now, with my husband being transferred to many different stations it was a job (and is) that transfers with me and I didn’t have to spend time looking for another one when we got to wherever we were going. Although there is quite a bit still of dog training/showing/racing. I also spend a lot of time doing Navy spouse things, groups, support, etc, all of that.

You are never far from pen and paper so what is your process once you have some scribbles on paper?

AB: I am one who tends to write a full story in a notebook. The internet gets way to distracting for me and I fall behind on my word count. I do also have an idea book that I keep near so if something I see/hear/think up comes to me quickly; I have a place to put it in hopes of using it for a future story.

MJ: I take what I have written and type it into the computer and then if needed flesh it out (that doesn’t usually happen since I write a fully fleshed out scenes). Then I keep going. I write using the notebook and something directly to my computer. It goes according to my mood.  

What advice could you give to authors collaborating on a piece?

AB: You have to be willing to listen to the other author with you. If you go into it thinking it’s still going to be just your story and you can do whatever, you’re going to have problems. Feed off one another, when you brainstorm, go with the flow and if it works when y’all are talking about it, write it down so you can get it in there. I would also say don’t assume something is going to go the way you had it in your head. This goes back to the fact it’s not just your story. It’s a collaboration and both (or however many there are) of y’all’s opinions and views on the story are important.

MJ: When working on a story together remember that the book is about the two of you. Play off each other as you write. So don’t change something just because that isn’t how you would write or do it. Go with the flow of both your ideas. Collaborating is a balancing act and having the right chemistry as a writing team is key or it won’t work.

Why are two heads better than on in erotic fiction?

AB: See…there are sooo many things I could say here. *wicked grin* Seriously, I would refer back to the previous question and how you’re working with another, getting their take on how they imagine/picture a scene. It’s a whole new experience.

MJ: The path that is taken in a story changes as we write together. The path one author takes is different than another and using the combined ideas of two is good.

What is next for you both?

AB: For me? I’m working on another series which I hope Total-E-Bound will pick up. A paranormal series (yes there are some military people in it) and I’m very excited about it. I also have some contemporary stories in the works and will hopefully be getting back to historicals as well. Next year is a busy year for me with TEB and I’m looking forward to another wonderful year with them!

MJ:  First, I’m working on Intentions —a spin-off series to McKingley. Going forward I will be writing books whose setting is in McKingley—solo.  That series will continue to explore the characters that live in McKingley. There will be familiar faces —characters that already had their story told may from time to time make an appearance. There are more Wright’s who are from various branches of the family. Also some of the sub-characters will get their own stories told. Plus there will be new characters introduced as I continue to explore McKingley. I’m in love with the city and will continue to write more stories set in McKingley.  The books will continue with…the road to enchantment leads to McKingley. The Intentions series will be hopefully be starting early next year. :)

Second, I’m also working on another series where I will be building a new community of characters and city. The series will explore the men and women who protect and serve and what happens when attraction knocks them off their feet. When attraction strikes the rules change, get broken, then remade to fit each person’s personal needs and they have to go with it. It takes them on a journey that will take the worst parts as well as the best parts and make them whole as they find that special someone who sees all that is them and loves each part of them—body, heart and soul. This series will also hopefully be starting early next year :)

I’m excited about them. I will post more details to my website and blog once I can share it.

You can purchase Pure Harmony from Total-E-Bound Publishing!


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