To celebrate the release of the new book 1,423 QI Facts to Bowl You Over, here are 13 female facts you probably never knew. 

John, James and Anne

John, James and Anne

NASA provided the first American woman in space with a specially designed make-up kit.

Until 1970, United Airlines had ‘men only’ flights serving steaks, brandy and cigars

French tennis player Suzanne Lenglen drank brandy between sets but won 98% of her games

The only woman in Einstein’s physics class at Zurich Polytechnic married him.

The Hobbit contains only one instance of the word ‘she’

The first American woman to win an Olympic gold medal didn’t realise she’d entered the Olympics

The first female American mayor was nominated for election by a group of men as a joke

Cockerels lure hens for sex by pretending to have found food

Female market squid display fake testicles to avoid the advances of males

Female deep-sea squid store sperm in their arms

Cheerful women are less likely to be promoted

Only 4.2% of Fortune 500 companies are run by women

Men appear in the newspapers three times as often as women and have done so since 1800