There is plenty of fantastic fiction out there from female authors, but sometimes it's a little hard for them to find recognition. That's why when we heard about Rare Birds Book Club, we just had to get involved. The subscription service offers a monthly rolling subscription (£10), or the option to buy in bulk for three (£33), six (£66) or 12 month (£120) periods. What's really exciting about this however, is the fact you don't know which book you'll be being sent each month.

Enjoy a mystery novel from a female author each month

Enjoy a mystery novel from a female author each month

Your books come lovingly packaged in gift wrapping, along with an introduction to the title you're about to read and why it's been chosen to showcase. It all sounds simple enough, right? That's because it is! And when it comes to the Book Club side of things, there's no pressure on finishing up your story in a specified amount of time. Some members take just a couple of days to go from cover to cover, whilst others take the entire month until their next adventure arrives!

When you are finished up, you're encouraged to log in online to the members' area with your own unique code, interacting with the Rare Birds Book Club community and discussing the journey you've just been on with the string of characters you've just spent some time with.

Rare Birds Book Club editor Rachel will have posted her own review of your book up on the website, and a lively forum with plenty of activity allows you and other members to weigh in with their own opinion. It's a secret society for book lovers, and one you can easily become a part of!

What Rachel and those behind Rare Birds Book Club have done is something very special indeed. They've added another layer of excitement to picking up a book you know nothing about, and in sending you an unknown title each month, there's that feeling of anticipation as you wait for your new novel to come through the door.

Affordable, interactive and evolutionary for the book club world, this is something every reader who enjoys great fiction from female writers should give a go.

You can find out more online about Rare Birds Book Club by clicking here.

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