I regularly write on my iPhone

With my day job at HELLO! and two lively toddlers at home, time to sit at my laptop and write for hours, is something of a luxury, so I put words down as they come to me – be that in the back of a taxi, on the tube, in the loo at a party – whenever and wherever I am. I always carry my iPhone 7, so the Notes app is in regular use as I jot down my thoughts or bits of dialogue so I don’t forget and can add it to my manuscript later.

Rosie Nixon by Kate Gorbunova

Rosie Nixon by Kate Gorbunova

I collect things with palm trees on them

I’m not quire sure how this started, but it appears to have spiralled and at the last count there were 35 palm tree ‘items’ in my house – from pictures, to candlesticks, to palm tree prints on clothing and furnishings. I guess I love to be reminded of exotic, sunny climes. I was over-the-moon when my publisher decided to put palm trees on the paperback cover for my first novel, The Stylist.

Books helped me deal with being a teenager

Like most young girls, I struggled with teenage angst and reading books was a great source of companionship and comfort. I was a big fan of Judy Blume and her books Deenie, Otherwise Known As Sheila The Great, Blubber, Tiger Eyes and Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret were favourites. I read them over and over again.

I used to edit Barbie magazine

My first role in magazines was as Editor of Barbie magazine, where I spent my days writing stories about Barbie and Ken, devising puzzles and doing photo-shoots with actual Barbie dolls. My time there was a phenomenal learning curve, as I gained hands-on experience of the entire magazine production process, paving the way for my future career in women’s magazines.

I love my job at HELLO!

No two weeks are ever the same at HELLO! and as Editor-in-Chief there’s no time to be bored! Whether it is discussing a cover exclusive or working on brand strategy, my job is endlessly challenging.  I have attended a multitude of showbiz and Royal events, including weddings and awards ceremonies around the globe and this experience undoubtedly helped me write my two novels as they are set in the celebrity and fashion world.

In another life I’d be a DJ

Music is hugely important in my life, it defines moments and I often remember relationships and friendships in relation to songs. I’m a kitchen DJ – give me an iPod and speakers and I’m happy for hours! I have DJed in a few clubs and festivals in my time.

I’m a huge Jackie Collins fan

Sometimes, during my career as a journalist I have been truly moved and awe-struck by an interviewee, and Jackie Collins is on that list. I was lucky enough to interview her at home in Beverley Hills, just a few weeks before she sadly passed away. She read The Stylist and sent me a wonderful quote for the cover. She was such a generous, warm woman and an incredibly talented writer.

My literary agent is my sister-in-law

It all started when we were out for lunch one day and she encouraged me to write a book about a world I was familiar with. I value my job too much to write about magazine life, but realised the unique insight and experience I have in the celebrity and fashion world was an interesting premise and I had already done most of my research.

I met my husband Callum outside a pub on Valentines Day

We chatted with ease, he made me laugh and had a mischievous twinkle in his eye. I left the pub for a party but then, halfway down the street, goaded by my best friend, I dashed back, my phone number scribbled on a scrap of paper which I thrust it into his hand. The rest is history!

I’m writing more books

I’ve got the bug! I find creative writing a real escape and adore doing it. The type of fiction I write has a comedic tone, although I’m currently plotting another novel, which is more of a thriller. I’m not ready to wave goodbye to Amber Green just yet though – I think she’ll be back for a final adventure.

‘Amber Green Takes Manhattan’ is out now, £7.99, published by HQ Stories, an imprint at Harper Collins.