EVERLESS isn’t the first book I wrote—that honor goes to a picture book called “Stleznen,” which I wrote and illustrated at the age of five. It was about a girl named Katie who befriends a peaceful sea monster named Stleznen, and builds a backyard swimming pool for him to live in.

Sara Holland

Sara Holland

I've never been much of a movie person, although I’m trying to get more into them. The TV format suits my attention span better. It’s true that I often find myself watching three or four episodes at a time, but I tell myself I can walk away after just one… 

My day job is at a literary agency, and I love it! Seeing the nuts and bolts of book publishing from that angle has helped me keep a level head about EVERLESS, and my writing life has helped me empathize more with the authors I work with. Both sides of my life have informed the other.

I was a huge band geek in high school and still play a bit of flute, guitar, and trombone. None of them very well, but I enjoy it—my neighbors probably less so.

My family went on a lot of road trips when I was a kid. There were fewer handheld devices then, so when my Gameboy ran out of battery I would just look out the window and watch the states go by. I think that probably shaped me as a writer, having time where there was nothing to do but sit and think and make up stories.

I nearly went into politics after college; I had a couple of internships in that area, and thought I could be good at something behind-the-scenes like speechwriting. But with US politics being so toxic and awful nowadays, I'm very glad I ended up in publishing instead!

As an author, everyone always tells you not to read reviews, but I do; I can’t help it. Even if they’re not all positive, I find it fascinating to see how readers respond to EVERLESS—the different things that they enjoy or dislike, the themes that they sometimes pick up on before I do!

Everything I write seems to take place in wintry, snowy, gloomy landscapes. I like sunshine, I promise! But for some reason it never makes it into my stories.

I'm a terrible cook—I lack both the skill and the interest. It's a good thing my significant other enjoys cooking, or I would be surviving on a diet of cold cereal and ramen noodles.

I love all cats, but I'm also terribly allergic to them. One of the great tragedies of my life.