1. I didn’t get published until my early seventies. I’ve written ever since I was young – mostly short stories and poetry. Twenty years ago, I wrote a novel and after many rejections, I put the manuscript away in a drawer. After retiring, I decided it was now or never time writing- wise. Dusting off my novel, I rewrote it and edited the story more times than I care to remember. To my delight the wonderful Bookouture decided to publish. The book became the bestselling, The Orphan sisters.

The Lost Children

The Lost Children

2. I love walking in the woods (especially in lockdown) with my gorgeous great grandson and my daughter’s dog – a cute Cavapoo.

3. I can’t decide which is my favourite film. Beaches or Pretty Woman.

4. Crusty bread, a variety of cheeses and a glass of red wine is one of my favourite lunches. I’m gluten free but the local supermarket sells delicious frozen gluten free baguettes.

5. I always have a book on the go. I refrain from reading the genre I’m writing in as I’m concerned it might influence my work.

6. Playing in the sea is a favourite of mine (I’m not the best swimmer.) I prefer warmer climes as you have to be hardy to venture into the freezing North Sea.

7. One of my favourite pastimes is people watching.

8. I’m fortunate to live in a market town in Northumberland where the expansive countryside is only five minutes’ drive away.

9. Elephants are my favourite animals. Though, I am fond of my cat (Peggy Sue) that adopted us three Christmases’ ago when she was a kitten and stranded in the snow. I consider her my “lucky black cat” as it was the following year that I got published.

10. I consider my latest book – The Lost children – as my lockdown baby. I became quite attached to the twins in the story during that weird and worrying time.