Stephanie Ellen Williams

Stephanie Ellen Williams

Steps to S6 displays the ups and downs through my early years, overcoming and managing hurdles to become an entrepreneur, starting and running my own business.

Please tell us about your early years.

I have very fond memories of my family, especially the close relationship I had with my Nan, and my most cherished possession, my piano.

What are the biggest highs and lows so far in your life?

The Highs, must be completing the London Marathon and also, in my first year of trading, my business being awarded New Company of the Year Business Award 2010.

As for the Lows, my very lowest point was the realisation of the amount of debt that I had accumulated and then the immense stress I was under when working in the State education system.

Why were there still drawbacks to your success when you reached the top?

Sometimes I find it hard to recognise motives in people and I realise now people only wanted to jump on the S6 bandwagon, enjoy the success without the commitment. I have had to become very wary of the ‘green eyed jealous monsters’ and it is very difficult now to find that level of trust, which is essential to running a business.

What made you decide to train as a teacher after being reluctant to?

My preference was to find a job with a good salary after doing my A levels, rather than go to University, but after graduating with a Business Studies Degree, I applied and was successful in entering a Post Grad Teacher Training Course. It was at this point that I found my vocation and enjoyed real job satisfaction. The professionalism of the staff, their inspiration and encouragement, gave me the opportunity to qualify as a Teacher.

When did you realise that you could combine your profession with your entrepreneurial spirit?

The day the phone didn’t stop ringing!  When the children were passing their 11+ exams and my name was being referred on to other mums, my phone didn’t stop with enquiries and it was at this point that I realised I, personally, could make a difference.

What is next for you?

Go Global. Now that I have established myself, I have a chance to educate those less fortunate than myself and I am planning to work with schools locally and internationally, to try to put something back into their communities, hoping to pass on inspiration and encouragement by using Education as an outlet.



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