Melanie Hale is a devoted housewife and mother, but when the pull of a handsome writer draws her in, she’s heading down a road from which there is no return. 

Melanie Hale has no idea of what's to come...

Melanie Hale has no idea of what's to come...

Seraphina Nova Glass is a professor and Playwright-in-Residence at the University of Texas-Arlington, where she teaches both Film Studies and Playwriting. 

She has an MFA in playwriting from Smith College, and has optioned various screenplays to Hallmark and Lifetime.

The synopsis 

Melanie Hale has the perfect life; a husband, Collin, who adores her, and two wonderful children, Rachel and Bennett; but this is only from the outside perspective. 

She feels unfulfilled, and bored with her day-to-day life, despite her amazing home and family. So, one night after a meeting with her new writer’s group, Mel begins an affair with a handsome, published author named Luke. 

The rush she feels when she’s with Luke is as exciting as it is damning, and she doesn’t want it to end; however, she is forced to let go of her fantasy when she finds Luke dead in his fancy rented house. 

Mel is now in a whole other world. She must keep her affair hidden, not just from the police, but from her family to keep it from being torn apart. 

What lengths will she go to keep this secret from the world? 

So, what did I think? 

Reading the blurb for Such A Good Wife had me hooked straight away, and upon reading the first chapter, I was deeply invested. 

Many good stories begin with a murder, as did this one, and it was the perfect way to start Mel’s journey. Luke’s death is known about from the start, and we see a snippet of the future before entering Mel’s ‘perfect’ suburban life, months before her lover’s death. 

The book began in an exciting way, before leading me into suburbia. Glass did an excellent job of easing me into the story, making sure I was familiar with Mel, her family, and her somewhat exhausting group of housewife friends, but without going on for too long. 

I loved getting to know the characters within the book, and I adored the normalcy of the story as I knew what was to come, but had no idea about how it would happen, which kept me wide awake with intrigue. 

I really admired the way Glass gently took the story from suburban and steady, to racy and risky; Such A Good Wife flowed perfectly from one chapter to the next, and made sure to throw a twist or two in there that I never would’ve suspected. 

Once Mel’s affair with Luke begins, the book took on more of a scandalous vibe, which I absolutely loved. The drama was well-written (as was the book as a whole), and each plot twist was perfectly placed. 

With each twist, came a chance for me to not only absorb it, but Glass dropped hints that caused me to try and figure out who did what, or what a clue may mean. This book really lets you think about what you’re reading, without it being too much effort or taking away from the fun of the story. 

The turn of every page revealed more scandal, more intrigue, and more shocking revelations from a once bored housewife who now has to evade being implicated in a possible murder, as well as keeping her affair a secret. 

I was constantly guessing what could happen next, and I’m pleased to say that Glass surprised me at every turn. Mel was a fantastic character, and despite her blunders I found myself caring for her a great deal, as I did the story. 

Everything that happens in Such A Good Wife has its reason; from a dress Mel wears to a bag her husband bought her. Each detail is perfectly placed, and weaves its way ever so gently into the story, and I loved it. 

Such A Good Wife is a well-crafted tale of secrets, lust, love, grief and remorse; Glass has written a racy, emotional narrative that keeps hold of you, and doesn’t faulter once. A brilliant, scandalous read. 

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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