Writing in the Sunshine, Writing in the Shadows.

Evonne Wareham by Sian Trenberth

Evonne Wareham by Sian Trenberth

I’m a writer, and as a tribe, writers don’t tend to get out much. There may be parties and award ceremonies – an excuse for squeezing into a posh frock and sparkly footwear - but events like that don’t happen too often. In real life, books only get written when an author spends quality time alone with her characters - and that’s usually in a baggy tracksuit and fluffy socks. It’s just me, and my imagination. Oh - and a cast of invented people who have to be corralled into some semblance of order, a hero and heroine who really do need to fall in love before the end of this book, although at the moment, things don’t look too promising, and a plot that is meant to resemble a highly engineered construction of devious twists and turns, rather than a leaky colander with a large hole in it. But if the story is going to be written, there’s nobody here but me to do it … helped and hindered by all those invented people.

On days when you are Hard At Work Being An Author, you take all the (very small) high spots you can get – at least, this author does. The first cup of tea is one. My day runs on tea, of various flavours. I am not a morning person, and that first cup is when I turn into something vaguely resembling a functioning human. Then there is breakfast, and it’s all downhill until lunch, with some messing about with e-mails and social media and faffing around with the words I wrote yesterday. Food plays a large part in my day. Preparing meals and eating them is an excellent way of procrastinating that doesn’t involve looking at pictures of cute sloths on the Internet.

And at lunchtime the post arrives. If I am lucky, this may include a holiday brochure – inspiration for beautiful locations for writing romantic comedy with a touch of crime, which is half my writing life. The other half is writing romantic thrillers - you still get the love story in those, but with the addition of a few dead bodies. Sometimes a lot of dead bodies, if I get too carried away. Writing the romantic comedy is strictly the fun stuff though - no dead bodies here – sunshine, glamorous locations, parties and delicious food, with just enough crime and mystery to keep the whole thing interesting. I’m writing a series set on the Riviera at present, so I’m spending my time in the sunshine, rather than in the shadows.

After lunch I’m usually hitting my stride and the characters are behaving themselves. I write the first draft in longhand, so I can do that just about anywhere, providing I have somewhere to sit. Transferring it all to the computer afterwards is the hard part. I usually do that in the evening.

And tomorrow? More of the same … unless someone invites me to a party.

Evonne Wareham is a multi award winning suspense novelist. She's allowed herself some fun - coming out of the shadows - in her latest book, Summer in San Remo which is released in paperback on 3 July. A Rom Com, it has been fabulously received. Described as playful, fun, yet intriguing (Evonne couldn't resist including an element of suspense ) - it has been labelled 'the perfect summer read'.

Summer in San Remo