Spiritual author and healer Jamie Michael Gregory was once told by his therapist that “If you put one million people in your situation, they would either be insane, addicted to alcohol or drugs, in jail, or dead.”

When you read his new book, The Talking Universe – a potent combination of autobiography, spiritual discovery, and self-development – you will likewise be amazed that not only has Jamie survived a desperately harrowing upbringing marked by abuse, crime, and addiction, but also that he has conquered his personal demons, overcome deep-set trauma, and been reborn.

It's fair to say that The Talking Universe is the most powerful story of self-healing and spiritual growth since Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, and to mark its publication we caught up with the author to find out more about the book and how, by sharing his traumatic life story, he is hoping to help others free themselves from despair and self-destruction.

Q. What inspired you to write The Talking Universe?

A. The level of challenges in my life have been momentous, but these are not unique and everyone on the planet will have suffered with some of the topics I dissect in my book. It has always been my purpose to share my story, but first I had to transform myself. I knew that once I was able to come back from the huge obstacles I faced in my life, there would be value, knowledge, and wisdom in my learnings to help other people who have also suffered.

Q. What is ancestral trauma, and why is a clear understanding of it critical, both for individuals and society as a whole?

A. Ancestral trauma is debt passed down from the previous generation, and breaking it removes the curse that the next person in line will inherit. I have listed a quote from my book beneath:

Emotional and physical child abuse inflicted on children by their guardians is a learned pattern of behaviour that consists of ancestral debt passed down from the previous generation. The person who is then prepared to break this continuous cycle and remove the poison from within will not only save themselves, but they will also protect and preserve the next generation in line.

—Jamie Gregory

Q. What are core beliefs and how do they effect a person?

A. Core beliefs are the deepest perceptions about a person’s identity, and they are installed into the subconscious mind when we are children. Though our core beliefs may seem as if they are our own, they come from our parent figures and earliest experiences in life. Many of these core beliefs are shaped by different forms of trauma that an individual will go on to face. Once a core belief has been formed, a person will begin to attach to that belief through the evidence they acquire, which then validates that belief further. The more a person falls into this destructive cycle, the more prevalent negative bias becomes, which is a state when a person prioritises negative information over positive.

Q. What are the steps towards healing?

All healing starts with three key components.

  1. A conscious intent to want to change the inherent problem.
  2. Surrendering to the negative emotions so they no longer control the pattern of behaviour, which then moves on to …
  3. Acceptance – the past is unchangeable, so energy would be best spent on focusing on what can be changed, such as our future.
Spiritual author and healer Jamie Michael Gregory’s book The Talking Universe is a hard-hitting, thought-provoking debut. By following Jamie’s path you, too, can look forward to healing and rebirth.
Spiritual author and healer Jamie Michael Gregory’s book The Talking Universe is a hard-hitting, thought-provoking debut. By following Jamie’s path you, too, can look forward to healing and rebirth.

Q. You say that when it comes to developing self-belief and self-esteem we currently have things “inverted” in society. What do you mean by this?

A. Many people look outwardly for validation to fill that empty hole inside. Working inwardly utilising solitude enables a person to nourish themself with consistent acts of self-care. Truly beginning to love yourself will project out into your reality, and then be reflected back through the experiences a person will go on to have. Everything starts within yet society has culturally programmed us to believe that if we reach our goals – if we lose 25 pounds, if we get that new car, or if we land that high-paying job – we will find happiness through external means. I can tell you that this formula for happiness is inverted, as I would go on to find out the hard way: happiness is what fuels success and not the other way around. Simply stated, success won’t bring you happiness; happiness is what creates your success.

Q. How important is solitude in self-healing and personal growth?

A. The real test is what each of us do when we are in solitude, as this gives a person the opportunity, if used correctly, to face our demons, learn then evolve. Many people spend their entire lives trying to avoid the ill effects of solitude when, in fact, it should be embraced as this is the key towards transformation for any individual. Self-love is a direct path of communion with the soul, and solitude is a direct pathway to your own inner world. Solitude, if used correctly, can give insight, perspective, and reinstate harmony in your life. The result of not practising self-love is depression, bitterness, and resentment.

Q. You have read hundreds of books as part of your personal transformation. Can you suggest three books that you would recommend to anyone?

A. In order, the three best books I have read:

  1. Power of the Kabbalah by Yehuda Berg
  2. Journey of the Souls by Michael Newton
  3. Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield
The Talking Universe is unique, inspirational, and a must-read for anyone looking for answers in their own life.
The Talking Universe is unique, inspirational, and a must-read for anyone looking for answers in their own life.

Q. You discuss in your book about raising your vibrational state. What does this mean, and how can you achieve it?

A. Each person’s vibrational state is reflected in accordance with how well they interact with the natural laws of life. I have made a list below of high vibrational attributes.

High vibrational:

1. Become conscious of your thoughts; everything you think or feel can become your reality.

2. Find something beautiful and love it (love is the highest form of energy that there is).

3. Surround yourself in nature as much as possible and let your bare skin touch these environments (nature has healing properties which we can connect to).

4. Invest in some crystals, but only choose ones that you feel aligned with. A lot of the healing I required could be facilitated by rose quartz.

5. Be conscious of the foods you consume and eat natural foods whenever possible. Try to include different coloured fruits and vegetables as digested food is consumed and then altered into colour light impulses. This creates a level of vibrational energy our blood cells absorb.

6. Drink lots of natural water. Filtered water is advised to reduce any unnatural chemical consumption.

7. Meditate consistently, create silence, and allow your inner voice to surface. All the answers you require will come from within.

8. Be grateful and appreciate your blessings. Sometimes we take for granted the small things in life, such as clean water and a roof over our heads.

9. Practise acts of kindness, give where possible, and help others where you can.

10. Get your blood pumping through physical exercise.

11. Express all of your emotions

Q. You have experienced multiple therapies and practices to heal and grow yourself in the last few years, rearranging your daily routine to accommodate them. How can an individual best determine how much time and investment is required to transform their life?

A. When looking to embark on a journey of healing and change, time should be of no relevance to you. By specifying a certain timeframe, you will only ever increase the pressure on yourself by creating shortcuts. Anything long-lasting has to come from a solid foundation point and, without this, everything will eventually crumble before your eyes with nothing to fall back on. Trust me, I have been there.

The Talking Universe by Jamie Michael Gregory is out now in paperback, hardcover, eBook, and audiobook formats, priced £9.99, £14.99, £3.99, and £6.99 respectively. For more information, visit www.jamiemichaelgregory.com or follow Jamie at @Jamiemichaelgregory on Instagram and TikTok.



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