I don't really look like a Hathor from an Egyptian temple.

I use this as my profile image because I am extremely camera shy.

The Book of Life

The Book of Life

I write esoteric books for regular people.

I bring deep truths from life and ancient mysticism into the light by writing metaphysical books. Although well thought out and researched, they are not heavy or complicated. I couldn't honestly prove most of the stuff that I write but believe in divine resonation and that the correct readers will 'click' with my work.

I believe in everyday spirituality.

I am deeply spiritual in an ordinary way. I believe it is vital to 'Be your spirituality'. Whatever that means to you. As a mystic and conscious channel I have been tested more than most to put my truth into action in everyday life (love, work, money, you-name-it) - sometimes with disastrous and painful results. Will I give up and slide back into the norm accepted by society? Absolutely not. Continue with confidence is my motto but still be conscious of other people's feelings and needs and the world around you. If you are living your truth there is no need to push it aggressively onto others. You can still go about powerful business in a quiet way. I am resolute but flexible in my beliefs and remain constantly open to new perspectives. True strength is having deep roots but still being able to bend in the wind. But having said that.

I believe in testing truth.

I believe in expanding the limits of the known world without tearing the fabric of society or pushing against established norms. Some people call this rebelliousness - others insightfulness or eccentricity. But this is just me. I don't try to think differently, I just do.

I am a conscious channel.

These days, people seem to know what this is. In actual fact anybody who has a brain is a channel because we are all connected to the Human mind, and therefore the universal mind and cosmic consciousness. It is just that I have developed my connection to universal consciousness to a high degree. With time, practice, and desire, anybody can become a conscious channel.

I love home the best.

Doing travel research and downloading consciousness while I work is exhilarating but it can also be exhausting and I am always happiest at home.

My books are strange but I am ordinary.

You would never guess that I am a devoted mystic that writes rather bizarre spiritual books if you met me. I don't look woo-woo at all. I am quite plain and earthy - boring even (Capricorn ascendant).

Writing is my third career.

These days we all seem to have multiple careers. With advanced degrees in business and science, writing is my third career. This is another weird deviation from an unusual life path, but planning has never worked out well for me anyway. I follow my heart from one profession to another and somehow magically everything seems to work out. But still, I don't take unnecessary risks.

I seek to open minds not necessarily to change them.

My books are controversial and are not for everybody. But they have their own energy imprint that I believe subtly alters the energetic vibration of those who read them - thereby raising their consciousness levels. The higher a person's consciousness the more open their mind, and the more receptive they become to even higher levels of consciousness and what mystics like to call the light. So it doesn't really matter if the content of my books is entirely believable or acceptable to readers. The content of my books is certainly my truth, but I don't need readers to accept my work on a mental level for them to be transformed by it.

I am a very patient person.

Patience and allowing time for things to happen seem to have gone out of fashion. But divine timing is a real thing and I urge people to just take a breath and enjoy being alive. If you really, really want something to happen, it will (as long as you put in the work), but things take time to manifest and in the meantime you are allowed to change your mind.