I have to confess, this is the first book written by Fern Britton I've read- as it's not normally my go-to genre- but I can say for sure that it won't be the last. In our interview with Fern, she told Female First that she likes to tell a story and my word- is she good at it!

The Postcard

The Postcard

Penny is a new mum who loses one of her biggest clients from her TV production company. Her confidence takes a hit and her mood sinks with it. As her relationship with her vicar husband is put under more and more strain, it all becomes too much for her.

But when a new doctor in the village throws her a lifeline- things begin to turn around- that is until Penny's estranged sister arrives back on the scene.

Although Penny appears in Britton's previous novel 'A Seaside Affair'- this book still works as a standalone piece of work, however it will make you want to go back and read more about the character as I can guarantee you'll miss her when you get to the end.

Against a picture-perfect backdrop- Britton proves that a seemingly perfect life in idyllic surroundings still has its problems for those who live under the envious gaze of presumptuous spectators. She handles the issue of post-natal depression with understanding and clarity for both readers who have been through the same and those who have not.

I'm not a mother, nor do I have a sibling, but I felt for Penny all the way through- her sadness, her frustrations and her triumphs. Britton's characters are believable and their predicaments and reactions are relatable- consequently as a reader you become quite involved and affected by their story.

Britton clearly knows every nook and cranny of Cornwall so she is able to transport you there with her words.

It was the perfect beach read for my holiday in Portugal and made me want to book somewhere in Cornwall for next year. It also made me doubt why we had travelled so far- when there is so much beauty back home.

Having interviewed Britton- she comes across as warm, approachable and full of heart and her books are an extension of this. Opening one of her novels is like a familiar embrace and I can't wait to read another of her offerings.

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