Expertly blending the genres of science fiction and romance into one elegant narrative, The Space Traveller's Lover by Omara Williams is a passionate novel with a fascinating protagonist you will fall in love with.

Taking the best of two genres – romance and science fiction – and placing them in an epic story of conflict between two worlds, The Space Traveller's Lover by Omara Williams will win your heart and mind alike.

The driving force for this suspense-packed story is the author’s pursuit of an answer to the timeless question, ‘Just how powerful can love be?’. It is, as we find out, a query that will have the greatest of importance, not only to the lives of the central characters but of all humanity.

The novel is set in the near future, towards the close of the century, where Earth has been ravaged by the effects of irreversible climate change. Vicious cycles of droughts and floods have decimated resources, leaving civilisation on the brink of collapse.

In the first chapter we are introduced to teenager Erin Lobart, who lives on the island of Tinian with her adoptive parents. Here, she assists with the running of their tuna farm and assists rescue team in delivering aid to those in need.

It’s a somewhat mundane existence for Erin, whose prodigious intelligence and stunning beauty are out of keeping with the rest of the islanders. As a result, she is cruelly bullied and, understandably, prefers to spend time alone.

Truth told, she has always felt that doesn’t exactly belong, and this feeling is only becoming stronger with the recent manifestation of strange dreams, so vivid and otherworldly, deepening the gulf between Erin, her adoptive parents, and her surroundings.

On her 16th birthday, Erin and her best friend Sam Sheppard set on a celebratory trip, with Sam revealing that he is taking them both to Diablo’s cave, a scenic yet dangerous location that has long held a fascination for both of them.

Holding a torch for Erin, Sam plans to announce his true feelings during their trip but things do not go as planned.

Journeying through the cave in a boat, they find themselves within a chamber lit by a strange orange light, its mesmeric spell only broken by the arrival of something stranger still – a metallic craft from beneath the water.

Its pilot approaches the terrified teenagers as they are overcome by some external force that sinks them into unconsciousness.

The stranger’s intentions, however, seem far from malevolent, as this sensual passage reveals:

The man focused his full attention on Erin, crouching around her and inspecting her body from head to toe. He stroked her gently, wiping her wet skin and rearranging her dishevelled hair. He blew softly over her face, her cheeks regaining her rosy pink blush momentarily. As her chest heaved, her mouth briefly opened up to let go of a prolonged, gentle sigh.

Debut author Omara Williams’ Sci-fi romance The Space Traveller’s Lover is out of this world.
Debut author Omara Williams’ Sci-fi romance The Space Traveller’s Lover is out of this world.

Upon waking, Erin finds that she has been taken by the man into his spaceship, with Sam left behind in the cave.

She is amazed to discover that her captor is the same mysterious figure who’s watched her in her dreams, as she runs through alien corridors and out into a multihued ocean unlike anything else she’s seen before.

He introduces himself as Rothwen, an elite space traveller and member of the Rom-Ghenshar – a genetically engineered, immortal alien race that is smarter and stronger than humankind.

It is in his, admittedly charming and hunky, company that Erin makes a shocking discovery. The  Rom-Ghenshar are an ancient enemy of Earth, having tried and failed to conquer the planet some 10,000 years before.

Now they are back, and though Erin doesn’t yet know this, the seemingly gentle Rothwen is also the vanguard of his specie’s invasion force, planning to carry out a mission of revenge that has spanned eons.

The revelations don’t end there. She soon comes to learn that this would-be intergalactic beau, dressed in the most fetching of black suits and with dove-white hair, has been secretly watching her for some time.

Referring to her by the name of  ‘Shaillah’, he explains that – as Erin has long suspected – she is different to everyone else, having a unique ancestry.

Rothwen vows to keep her by his side and unlocks her true powers so they can journey to the Rom-Ghenshar’s home planet. The price, however, is to abandon her former life and acquaintances entirely.

It is a potent invitation, offering Erin the chance to truly belong for the first time – and to be with none other than the literal man of her dreams – yet she becomes suspicious of the Rom-Ghenshars’ claim of wishing to foster peaceful co-existence with humanity.

As the story rushes to its explosive finale, Erin will find her loyalties and heart torn between this most difficult of decisions.

Deep down she longs to be with Rothwen as much as he does with her, but rejecting his advances and instinctive desire for dominance – and her true heritage in the process – may be crucial in deciding Earth’s future.

Fittingly, The Space Traveller’s Lover has clearly been a labour of love for author Omara Williams, resulting in a masterful and engaging literary debut that will stir the senses.

Never have the trials of young love had so much at stake, and author Omara Williams – making a sensational literary debut with The Space Traveller’s Lover – wrings every last drop of emotion and drama from this engrossing storyline.

Erin and Rothwen are the very definition of star-crossed lovers, and from the very moment they meet there is a spark to their interactions, which crackle with the pure energy of love, expertly conveyed by Williams in charged, passionate language such as this following exchange.

“I can see every single point of this planet from anywhere, every place, at any time. I used to watch you while you were asleep or even when you were out and about,” Rothwen says while softly caressing her forehead.

“I saw you in my dreams.” She gazes at him, delving into his unmistakably chiselled features as he continues talking to her.

Their complex relationship and the dilemma for Erin at its heart constantly propels the narrative forward and ensures that there is never a dull moment as the plot deepens. In other words, this gripping story will have you tingling in delight.

As will the beautiful black and white illustrations between chapters, which add to the immersiveness of the reading experience and helps the reader bond with the “characters.

The novel is aimed primarily at a YA audience but beyond the breathless angst and heartache are bigger themes that readers of any age or disposition will savour.

Questions of loyalty – be that concerning Erin to Sam or her planet, or with respect to Rothwen’s real intentions towards her, given that his race has been engineered not to feel – appear time and again, as does deliberation on the nature of identity. 

Another big, and timely, idea explored is humanity’s treatment of their home world. As is made clear in the story, humankind has been far from the best custodian of nature so is it reasonable to fight on their behalf to keep it?

Whatever side of the fence you fall upon in response to that question, you will certainly be riveted by the high concept examination of how first contact with an advanced alien civilisation may go.

The Space Traveller’s Lover is the first of a planned series and sets the bar high from the get-go, delivering a thrilling, fast-paced story packed with adventure and suspense, and which will immerse readers in an imaginary world full of fascinating and outrageous landscapes, but with the possibility that it could all come true.

So dynamic and affective is this novel, and so arresting its principal characters, that you’ll soon be ready to commit to a long-term relationship with the wider series it establishes so well.

The Space Traveller’s Lover by Omara Williams is out now on Amazon in hardcover, paperback and eBook formats, priced at £27.99, £13.95 and £2.99 respectively. For more information visit You can also follow Omara Williams on Twitter @williams_omara, and on Facebook or Instagram at @OmyWilliams.

Interview With Author Omara Williams

Science fiction author Omara Williams, originally from Cuba but now based in Cambridge, England, tells us more about her suspenseful, fast-paced and inspirational novel The Space Traveller’s Lover.

Q. Your novel is a sci-fi romance. How do the genres of science fiction and romance harmonise and complement each other in your novel?

A. Science fiction is the perfect backdrop for creating exotic and outrageous new worlds, conjuring fascinating ideas of advanced civilisations, and confronting our doubts and fears while exploring how we would react to the unexpected in this mysterious and exotic universe we inhabit.

In this imaginary world, full of infinite possibilities, I can create unforgettable characters and intriguing plots. In the case of The Space Traveller’s Lover, I explore an undying, impossible love that transcends all odds as the main characters battle to achieve their seemingly unattainable desires.

Q. Your novel has been highly praised by critics and readers alike. What do you think is the secret of its appeal?

A. The Space Traveller’s Lover stirs the reader’s imagination by taking them into otherworldly landscapes through an intriguing storyline with an impactful ending. Chapter after chapter, new revelations unfold, making the reader wonder how they would deal with those challenges themselves and what it would take to succeed.

As a book lover myself, I appreciate every time I am whisked into a fantastic world and put into a dire situation by a good book. Reading those books, I learned that the storyline must have a fast pace, suspense, intense emotions and a dramatic ending to make for a thrilling read. And this is precisely what I endeavoured to achieve in my book.

Q. When did you first realise you wanted to be an author?

A. Since I was very young, I have loved reading and writing. I was inspired by anything I saw in my surroundings, and I would come up with a story just by looking at the cloud shapes. Every weekend I wrote stories to entertain myself, and my friends loved to read them too.

At 17, I finished my first handwritten book, a collection of children’s stories, which my friends and family enjoyed. But I had so many other interests and hobbies, so I did not see writing as something I should pursue and took it only as a pastime. I concentrated my efforts on my university degree and passion for software programming and astronomy projects, as well as starting a family when I married and came to live in England. Writing became something that I used to do; nothing more.

But my passion for writing never died off completely. I kept reading books and making notes. Eventually, I had so many ideas in my head that I decided it was time to put all these stories together into a book. Once The Space Traveller’s Lover was published, I was proud of my work. When I first started, it seemed an impossible task. Now that it is complete, I feel realised as an author. It was definitely worth the effort, the time, and the expense.

Q. What was one of the most surprising things you learned while writing your novel?

A. As I developed the story, subplots, and characters, it was very satisfying to see the characters develop their unique personalities and dialogue. I was surprised to find myself so attached to them that I imagined they were real.

I loved to enter my main character’s fascinating world and put myself in their situation. I felt so emotional and worried about their struggles, anxieties, and desires that I would spend hours writing as if I was talking to them, without noticing the passing of time.

Debut author Omara Williams’ Sci-fi romance The Space Traveller’s Lover is out of this world.

Q. Where did you get your idea for your book?

A. I’ve always been fascinated by science and technology, and the intense emotions stirred by love stories. Hence, I started wondering, “How powerful can love be?”.

The book’s central theme, about impossible love, was already in my head when I started writing the book. I chose to write about the subjects I enjoyed the most, and it was easy to delve into my thoughts, knowledge, and experiences to create and develop the storyline.

Q. What background research did you conduct as part of the writing process?

A. I have several bookshelves full of science books in my working office at home. I am constantly researching and learning about the scientific concepts close to my heart, mainly physics, chemistry, and astronomy. As I read many books and always keep abreast of the latest science and technology news, I already know many of the scientific concepts I describe in my novel.

Q. How has your interest in science and astronomy influenced your writing?

A. The readers of The Space Traveller’s Lover will find the scientific concepts of physics, astronomy, and cosmology throughout my book. Still, I made an effort to write about them in a straightforward, easy-to-understand narrative, even though I address several of the deepest mysteries in science – for example, ‘Are we alone in the Universe?’, ‘What would aliens look like?’, ‘What is the meaning of life?’, ‘Could we live forever and travel across our beautiful and vast universe?’, and ‘Could we control everything with our brains?’.

It is my hope that the ideas and possibilities I present in my book will make my readers feel as intrigued and enthusiastic about science as I do.

Q. Which character in the novel do you sympathise with the most, and for what reason?

A. I sympathise the most with the book’s protagonist, Erin Lobart. I created her to be smart, beautiful, determined, and independent – inspiring strong emotions from humans and aliens alike. Still, through the circumstances of the alien invasion, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery that takes her to face many challenges beyond what she ever imagined. 

Through sheer perseverance, dignity, and self-belief, she is able to overcome every setback she encounters along the way. She never gives up, and that is such an exceptional quality to admire and celebrate.

Q. How did Joan Collins come to influence your novel?

A. One of the characters in The Space Traveller’s Lover – the wise, glamorous and highly respected Rom-Ghenshar councillor, Zula-Or – embodies all the traits and demeanours I have always admired in Dame Joan Collins.

I admire Dame Joan Collins so much for her decisiveness, straightforwardness, and for always looking her best – precisely what I needed for the elegant but assertive Zula-Or. When I was writing the Zula-Or character, I imagined Dame Joan Collins talking to me, and that is what I wrote for the dialogue.

I hope someday she reads my book!

Q. The novel is set up for a sequel. Without giving any spoilers, what can readers expect next?

A. I plan to write the second part of The Space Traveller’s Lover. Many storylines are waiting to be explored and developed further from my first novel, such as …

  • How did Kuzhma-Or, the Rom-Ghenshar supreme commander, survive the first confrontations with the humans?
  •  How will Zula-Or, the Rom-Ghenshar’s high councillor, react to Shaillah’s new powers?  
  • How will Rothwen & Shaillah stand up to the Rom-Ghenshar Great Ancestors Council?
  • How will Rothwen lead the Invincible Grand Fleet to conquer the Omega Centauri supercluster?

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