Lisa Boswell writes an exclusive piece for Female First
Lisa Boswell writes an exclusive piece for Female First

Do you want to delve into the world of fortune-telling, but you are unsure where to begin? Having the ability to predict the future has many benefits, from improved relationships to better career decisions. Psychic reading expert, Lisa Boswell is the author of The Modern Oracle – Fortune Telling and Divination for The Real World. She is going to show us the seven things we need to know to get started with fortune-telling.

1. Anyone can practice fortune-telling

Contrary to popular belief, anyone can practice divination. You don’t have to consider yourself special or ‘intuitive’. Whether you believe it or not, everyone (including you) has the natural skills needed for fortune-telling.

Psychic ability is a gift that we all possess – it helps us to make good decisions and keep safe in our surroundings. As a living creature, you are already intuitive enough to practice fortune-telling.

2. Fortune-telling could strengthen your intuition

When you start practicing divination, your natural psychic abilities will increase with time. Making predictions, recording your dreams, and connecting regularly with your intuition all strengthen precognition. Fortune Telling will make your natural gifts stronger.

3. You don't need tools to practice fortune-telling

You currently have everything you need at your disposal to start fortune-telling. You can make predictions based on the ‘signs’ you receive in your day-to-day life.

The next time you’re outside, take note of the animals which cross your path. What were they? How were they acting? You can then research animal symbolism and relate that information to your life. For example, cats can predict an increase in psychic ability and dragonflies can signal a better relationship with spirit.

4. You can however use tools, if you want to

If you’re the type of person who loves beautiful things (aren’t we all?) then the world of fortune-telling has many fancy tools which you can acquire. Shinny crystals, gorgeous Tarot decks, and pretty tea-cups can all be used for fortune-telling.

5. Fortune-telling systems can have their strengths...

Fortune-telling systems like Astrology can tell you a lot about yourself. By analysing your birth chart (a chart illustrating where the stars and planets were located at the exact time of your birth), you can learn more about your personality. Astrology can teach you which sports you’re likely to take up, the best ways to stay fit, and how to stick to a healthy living plan without getting bored.

6. ...but they will also have their weaknesses

Different fortune-telling systems also have their weaknesses. For example, some are not good for predicting the future of relationships. You have to experiment and see which ones are right for you.

7. Fortune-telling is a lifestyle

Fortune-telling is a lifestyle, not a practice. Diviners incorporate fortune-telling into all areas of their lives whether that’s love, career, fitness, and family. As a fortune teller, you will always be recording your dreams and observing the signs that spirits send you. Once you start receiving the benefits that fortune telling has to offer, you’ll never look back.

The Modern Oracle – Fortune Telling and Divination for The Real World is out now.

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