Chicago is about Danielle Weston, who is a fallen angel and works as a consultant for the Field Museum in Chicago. She ends up getting called to the museum when one of the archaeologists brings something very intriguing back from a dig in Peru. Neither Danielle nor Grant know how explosive what he found could turn out to be.


This is book four in the Fallen series so what can you tell us about the others?


          There will be eight books in the series when it’s finished. Each book focuses on a fallen angel and the mortal they fall in love with. Well, actually Book Seven is about Mika’il, the archangel and Book Eight stars Lucifer, the most famous fallen angel of all. But all the books talk about sacrifices made for love.


Please tell us about the character of Grant Carson.


          Grant Carson is based loosely on an archaeologist I used to work with. He’s very intelligent and very realistic. Grant isn’t willing to believe in things he can’t see or feel. Yet he begins to realise there are things going on in the world that he has no idea exists. He doesn’t want to love Danielle, but he discovers that sometimes the perfect person for you appears when you least expect it.


Which authors have had an influence on your work?


          Oh so many have had some kind of influence without me even knowing I’m sure. But I loved reading Mercedes Lackey and Tamora Pierce when I was younger. They wrote female characters who were interesting in their strengths and weaknesses. I also love to read Linda Howard and Sharon Sala. Their stories were emotional and they don’t shy away from difficult topics.


What advice could you give to an aspiring erotic author?


          Read a lot. Not just in the genre they want to write in, but in all the other genres out there. You never know where you’ll get inspiration or learn something important for your own writing. Also, keep writing. No matter what, don’t stop writing. They’ll continue to learn as they put more words on paper…or a computer screen nowadays.


If your book was made into a film who would play Grant?


          If they made Chicago into a movie, I’d say they’d have to cast Chris Pine as Grant Carson. Chris is athletic and very intelligent. Both are traits Grant has along with being extremely good-looking.


What is next for you?


          Fallen: New York just came out and next month, Los Angeles, will be out. I’m in the middle of writing London, which is Mika’il’s story. After the Fallen series is done, I’m thinking about writing about a lady pirate or maybe a sci-fi/futuristic story.


Chicago is available from Totally Bound Publishing.


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