I am turning 50 this year and suddenly, the reality that life is not actually infinite, is feeling starker than ever.

Lisa Thompson

Lisa Thompson

Never have I felt so retrospective in my life. I look back and see gaps of things I haven’t (yet) accomplished; that trip to Australia, ‘finding myself’ as I trek around India, learning a language or wowing an unsuspecting crowd as I step up to the mic and belt out my own take on Duffy’s 'Warwick Avenue' (probably a good thing that one has never seen the light).

I have been thinking how I can mark this 50th year and, as a writer and keen reader, thought I’d start with reading 50 books. Then I came across other women who had created a ’50 things to do when you’re 50’ lists and thought maybe I could have a go at that too? I mentioned it to friends and was suddenly bombarded with things like; ‘do a sky dive!’ or train for a half marathon! "No. Not for me," I said, quickly hiding number 14: ’stay up past 10pm for three nights running’.

As I wrote my list, which definitely doesn’t include any parachute jumps or paragliding, I realised how much I used to do that I now don’t seem to find time for; bird watching, wandering around antique shops, going to art galleries. I’ve made sure they’ve made the list alongside a mix of ‘midlife crisis’ (get a tattoo), 'self-care' (have a massage) and 'replenishing the soul' (go to a concert).

Writing this list has been a real exercise in discovering who I am ... again. Maybe I didn’t have to go to India to ‘find myself’ after all.

The Treasure Hunters

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Lisa Thompson is the bestselling and critically acclaimed author of enduring modern classic THE GOLDFISH BOY, THE LIGHT JAR, THE DAY I WAS ERASED, THE BOY WHO FOOLED THE WORLD, THE GRAVEYARD RIDDLE and THE ROLLERCOASTER BOY. Her books have been shortlisted for many awards, including the Waterstones Children's Book Prize.

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