By Valerie A. Campbell, enhanced relationships expert and author.

The Difference

The Difference

It was from the stillness of meditation that I received the message. It was a profound message and it was clear. I heard it audibly: ‘There is no difference between right and wrong’ (No Difference Between Right and Wrong - NDBRW).

A seemingly illogical message… I responded to that which sees beyond my perspective, “what do you mean there is no difference between right and wrong? Everyone knows there is a difference between right and wrong!”

I had received a spiritual revelation.

However, despite my 'common sense', I knew it to be truth and that its meaning would be unveiled. So I tried the message on for size and viewed the world and with those I interacted with through that lens; that there is no difference between right and wrong.

What transpired was nothing short of miraculous, as my life transformed in ways I couldn’t possibly have imagined. It is my attempt here to divulge some of my learnings with the intention that it transform your life too.

The truth is, when you look at life through NDBRW, you realise that your perspective is based on ‘partial vision,’ therefore your judgements of a situation are misleading. I say partial because it is not in your ability to ‘know the all’. Your senses are limited and are predicated on your programming attained from the society that you were born into – namely your culture, religion, influences such as parents, teachers, social media, television and the list continues. When you realise the limitation of your perception it frees you from its deceptiveness, which is based on your inability to see the whole picture. Here are seven ways in which the NDBRW concept can help enhance your relationships:

1. Peace

NDBRW will cause you to relinquish judgement and choose not to engage in conflict. Instead you will merely seek to understand another’s perspective, with the understanding that neither of your views are right or wrong. It is then that you can truly listen and empathise with another. A person will feel heard by you and feel free to share with you what’s in their heart.

2. Trust

As their trust factor in you increases this deepens the connection that you both have; you become relatable to one another. When you give a person your trust, that person will now invest their trust in you, bringing you both closer.

3. Acceptance

This deepening of trust can then lead to vulnerability. With the confidence to open up and reveal their authentic self to you, they feel that you will not admonish them for their authenticity and therefore they feel accepted. A feeling we all strive for.

4. Fear

NDBRW releases you from fear. Fear has many faces; it is the reason why many people wear masks. They are afraid to express their authentic wants and desires for fear of judgement. Fear that they will not live up to another’s judgements or perspective of ‘who they think they are.’

5. Freedom

The freedom to ‘just be’ is an innate desire that we all possess and yet we live our lives in bondage; shackled to the fears of those around us, who project their own fears onto us. NDBRW is a reset button that allows you to release your fears and own your uniqueness, your difference, and present yourself as a gift to the world – a solution to another’s problem.

6. Open-ness

We seek to be defensive of our perspective, not realising that it’s in our defencelessness that we open ourselves to discover who we really are, which lies beyond our narrow perspective. We are unlimited beings and in doing so we give permission for others to do the same.

7. True love

No difference between right and wrong (NDBRW) translates as there is no difference between Mr/Miss Right and Mr/Miss Wrong. There is only your perspective reflected back at you. When you free yourself from the mask that prevents you from attracting your authentic match, then you will have implemented the knowledge that you can never attract more than how you feel about yourself.

NDBRW is the path to finding self-love, therefore enhancing all your relationships.

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