Satisfying Desires

Satisfying Desires

Satisfying Desires is a short novella about Sally who’s broken her wrist and is struggling to manage on her own. Frustration drives her out of her flat and into a café where Lucas, the chef decides she needs looking after and does it in a uniquely dominant fashion.


Please tell us a bit about the character of Lucas.


Lucas owns a café, it’s the kind of place truckers and taxi drivers love and serves rib-sticking full English breakfasts and other satisfying home cooked dishes. He has Greek heritage, bright blue eyes and broad shoulders and an arse you’d happily stop and look twice at. Three times if you could get away with it.  He’s a man who likes to be in control but he’s charming and thoughtful too. He’s a chef because he loves to look after people and food is a great comfort as well as just fuel.



What is your writing process?


You’re supposed to have a process? Well, I’m in trouble. My stories tend to creep up on me. I don’t plan, I write and see what happens. I like to write in the morning when I can, my brain is best then. However often I’m writing at all hours just to get something finished to meet a deadline!


What advice can you give to aspiring erotic writers?


I was having a conversation with my husband just the other day and I was saying one thing you really need as a writer is tough skin. Well, not literally, though it helps when you’re tip-tapping away at the keyboard for so long. No, I’m talking about taking things to heart. When you write a story, you can love it too much. You’ve got to be able to take on board constructive criticism and adapt your story accordingly. Be open to the possibility that your finished submission isn’t totally perfect. I find that all the time. I’m really grateful to my editors who help me make my stories really zing!


Which authors have had an impact on your writing?


Any author I’ve ever read. I pick up hints and tips as I go along. Authors I love like Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, David Gemmell and Rick Riordan I read on a regular basis. I think maybe some of their good writing habits rub off on me!


What is next for you?


I have a deadline. So I’m writing, writing, writing and writing. Then I have to edit. From there on, I’m not sure. I think I mentioned before I’m not so good at planning. So it’s a complete miracle that I managed to plan an event last year and it actually happened. I’m hoping the same thing happens again this year.  14th June, Scarborough library, Smut by the Sea. It’s going to be fun, you should come.


 If your characters in the book were to come into life on screen who would you have to play the part?


I think Martine McCutcheon would make a good Sally but it’s more difficult to pin down Lucas…ooo er! Maybe Nathan Fillion, I’d have to scruff his hair up a bit though!


Satisfying Desires is available from Totally Bound Publishing.


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