Do you ever wish you could just chuck it all away and say "f*ck it"? I do. I do enough that I wrote a whole book about it!

667 Ways to F*ck Up My LIfe

667 Ways to F*ck Up My LIfe

My funny women's fiction "667 WAYS TO F*CK UP MY LIFE" goes into wide release today, and it answers the question so many woman have asked themselves-what would happen if I just gave up?

It should come to no surprise to any lady reading this that we're expected to be "perfect"...even though almost nobody can agree on what "perfect" is. We're supposed to be hot but modest; confident but meek; not too thin, not too fat; to wear makeup, but not too much makeup; to take care of babies, yet never look like we're taking care of babies; to succeed while not being overly ambitious. And we must perform this tap-dance backwards and in high heels. Ha ha ha ha-easy! Yet no matter how well we reverse cha-cha, our best efforts can come crashing down around our heads, and then, naturally, we will be blamed for not climbing single-handedly to the moon while looking tight in lingerie.

My "F*ck Up" heroine is named Dagmar. She's a hard-working perfectionist. She scarifies her personal happiness so that everyone around her is fulfilled. Guess how well that works out for her? Not very, and she's left with this feeling of...why? Why did she swallow her needs to stay in a crappy relationship? Why did she put up with a grab-assy boss only for her butt to be kicked out into the snow? She did these things because she was taught to get along. To be a good little girl. How many of us have heard that?

So Dag decides she's had enough. Being "perfect" got her it's finally time to embrace her dark side. Her naughty side. Her inner bad girl who's been clamouring to wear too short skirts and bright red lipstick!

She decides to f*ck up. Hard. And I had a hell of a good time sending her down the rabbit hole.

My best friend calls my books "wish fulfillment," and I can say with certainty that they are-for ME! Unfortunately, being an adult sometimes means biting your tongue just when you want to tell some sexist asshole to go to hell. But I can have my book heroines send jerks to Hades, or take down a roofie-ing ba*tard, or get revenge on an evil ex-boss. Hooray! Justice is served for all of womankind!

In my dreams at least.

Grab yourself a glass of wine, girl. Settle into the bathtub. And live vicariously through Dag and her BFF Mel as they f*ck everything up…and finally learn how to really love life. When you finish 667 WAYS TO F*CK UP MY LIFE, I want you to feel like the superheroine you are-no matter how tight your bum is.

All my love,