by Robert Eddison

Wisdom and Wordplay

Wisdom and Wordplay

In the Sudan, a woman gets thirty lashes if she is caught wearing trousers. Isis is STILL using kidnapped and groomed girls as sex slaves. In Britain – yes, Britain – thousands of young women currently remain in secret domestic and sexual servitude, with hundreds more still subjected to genital mutilation and forced marriage.

As a man, I am utterly appalled at the seemingly endless road that women still have to travel before they can claim true equality with men. Yes, Saudi women will soon be allowed to drive cars, not camels. Yes, the British government has promised to “do something” about domestic servitude and also, now that you mention it, about the rape pandemic. Thank God for Female First and likeminded oases of enlightenment in this rights-starved desert of male dominance.

Here are 24 fun aphorisms that celebrate women, in all their glory:

  1. It’s high time that Ladies First didn’t just apply to hotel doors
  2. Babies are the only strangers we live with from day one
  3. If men gave birth, they would know the meaning of stamina
  4. The first Minister for Peace should be a woman
  5. No ageing actress wants to be seen in a good light
  6. Rich women needn’t trade on their looks to sit pretty
  7. Beauty is in the eye of the make-up artist
  8. More boardroom equality would help fill its corporate intuition deficit
  9. If men are threatened by clever women, women are inspired by clever men
  10. The older a mature woman’s skin, the more comfortable she feels in it
  11. Dressing in a skirt shouldn’t stop you wearing the trousers
  12. In a well-cleaned home, no job bites the dust
  13. Men get needled when found knitting
  14. Beware the surgeon who asks for your hand
  15. Enjoy watching him propose to you on his knees; he won’t stay there for long
  16. Wash your net curtains too often and you could forfeit your privacy                            
  17. Get more me-time by turning your husband into a house-husband
  18. Never use the stick without a nearby carrot to butter him up
  19. If you don’t apologise first, you’ll be waiting forever
  20. Don’t just cook him what he wants; cook him what he needs and avoid having to let out his trousers
  21. If you’re thinking of a pre-nuptial agreement, don’t marry him
  22. Make sure you know the ropes before tying the knot
  23. Hit fifty and it’s time to put a weaker bulb into your bedside lamp
  24. If he’s hungry for your body, serve it up course by course

Robert Eddison is a national journalist, a playwright, and the author of the bestselling book Wisdom & Wordplay: 300 Original One-Liners to Enrich Your Day. For more information, visit

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