I wish I were brave enough to be a climate change activist – but I’m not. Instead I’m doing my bit through writing children’s eco-adventures. I wrote “CLASH OF THE TOTEMS”, in a hope that it might encourage young people to see the world from a slightly different angle, and as a result of that they’d be motivated to re-educate their parents and their grandparents, so that our future generation will get the future that they deserve.

Clash of the Totems

Clash of the Totems

There’s still time to make a difference and we must all play our part – we’re in this together, after all. It’s not as difficult as you might think and the benefits to the planet could be extraordinary.

With Earth Day just around the corner there are loads of simple things we can change in our lives to help save the Earth. Here are my five easiest tips.

1)Take a look at your diet. Do you really need an animal product for every meal? Try oat milk on your cereal; cut down on your meat consumption. If veganism is too drastic for you, try being a flexitarian (primarily a plant-based diet with the occasional meat and fish). Ruminants, like cows, are responsible for burping large quantities of methane into the atmosphere to contribute to the greenhouse effect. Less meat in your diet is better for your health, which means less disease and ultimately less strain on our NHS. Animal welfare would improve as supply and demand decreases. No animal deserves to suffer.

2) When it comes to transport not everyone can afford an electric car, so why not walk or cycle when you can. If the journey’s too far, then use public transport or share a ride with someone else. A car ride “sing-along” to your favourite music can really lift your spirits - try it!

3) Lower the temperature on your washing machine. About 90 percent of the energy used in a machine washing cycle is lost on heating up the water. There are many great washing products on the market now that are designed to work on cold settings.

4) Turn off lights and appliances. Unplug your stuff when you’re not using it. When you leave things plugged in, even if they’re off, they will still be draining energy. It will save you money and reduce carbon emissions into the bargain.

5) Try saving the Earth when you dress. Old is the new “new”. Avoid fast-fashion. Try buying from thrift shops or give away clothes you bought but didn’t want. Try a clothes swap. Look for more sustainable fashion. If you like cotton, opt for organic cotton; or try sustainably made items from bamboo, hemp, linen or Tencel. Recycle. Avoid leather products. Not only is it cruel but its production requires huge quantities of energy and water – not to mention the very toxic process involved in leather-tanning which will enter the water table.

Finally: Don’t let ignorance cost us the Earth. Be informed. Do your bit. One person can make a change but all of us together can make a difference.

Happy Earth Day!