Sir Cliff Richard's fans were delighted to see him "on great form" at a public appearance on Tuesday (23.08.16).

Sir Cliff Richard

Sir Cliff Richard

Over a thousand of the 75-year-old singer's devoted followers flocked to a meet-and-greet session at the star's Adega do Cantor vinyard in Albufeira, Portugal, and were pleased to see their idol "back to his best" following a turbulent two years, which have seen him accused of historic sex abuse - allegations which were dropped in June due to insufficient evidence - and devastated by the death of his sister Donna Goulden.

Fan Sheila Bartlett, 65, said: "He was on great form, laughing and joking with us. He was saying he's back to his best and thanked us for his support. We love him."

The fans braved the searing heat to see Cliff, and even after a dizzy spell, 70-year-old Joanna Davis refused to return to her hotel to recover.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I've already seen Cliff and given him a big kiss, but I want to stay until the very end.

"This is the longest signing he's ever given. He's so dedicated to us. I'm flying from here to Barcelona where Cliff is performing at a cruise on Sunday. We'll be sailing with him for five days. I'm beyond excited."

Chrissie Truman - who had travelled with five friends from Barnsley, South Yorks - admitted she was in "floods of tears" when the allegations against Cliff were dismissed.

Chrissie, who along with her pals was sporting an "I am a proud Clifette" gold rosette - said: "The day he got cleared I was in floods of tears. It was so emotional. He has been through so much. Every day he is getting better and better. He looks amazing today. He's slowly getting there, every day he gets stronger but you can't underestimate the toll this has had on him."

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