Britney Spears has put husband Kevin Federline on a strict budget.The 'Sometimes' singer's other half is so well known for flashing the cash that he has been nicknamed 'Spenderline' by the couple's friends.Britney, who has a baby son, Sean Preston, with Kevin, has now decided to put a stop to his extravagant tastes.A source told Britain's New York Post newspaper: "Each month, he will be given a certain amount of money for personal use like clothing, nightclubs, booze and day-to-day activities."Any big items like cars, or trips that go over allowance, need to be approved by Britney herself."They added: "She is trying to show Kevin that he needs to be responsible and curb his out-of-control spending habits."The budget adds fuel to claims that Britney and Kevin - who are rumoured to be expecting their second child - are having marriage troubles.

A source at a Maui hotel, where the pop beauty was recently staying, has claimed to have overheard the singer lashing out at her hubby.

The source said: "I was in the elevator with Britney, and she was screaming at Kevin on her phone that she had waited in the suite all day for him to call and had been trying to reach him and couldn't sit in there any longer."

Britney's spokesperson has so far refused to comment on the latest claims.

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