Michael Jackson could lose two of his children over allegations he is not their real father.Secret court papers will reportedly prove that Paris, 8, and Prince Michael, 9, are not the biological children of the singer.The papers, to be unsealed next month in the court battle over custody of Paris and Prince Michael, allegedly confirm the children were fathered by an anonymous sperm donor.Debbie Rowe, the biological mother of the children and Jackson's ex-wife, gave up her legal rights to her children five years ago in exchange for a multi-million pound pay-off.Rowe is now asking for access to the children and claims the singer has "abducted" them by taking them to Bahrain on "faked passports".The 47-year-old singer - who also has another son, Prince Michael II, not conceived with Rowe - is said to be horrified by the prospect of a legal battle with his former wife and is terrified he will lose his children.Meanwhile, Jackson has been spotted wearing striped pyjamas as a bodyguard pushed him around Paris in a wheelchair.

The reclusive star was visiting botanical gardens on Saturday (10.06.06) and used a huge umbrella to shelter himself from the sun and waiting photographers.

His three children were following close behind with veils to hide their faces.

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