Michael Jackson was reportedly condemned by Marlon Brando, after he witnessed his love for children firsthand. The late actor, who was one of a few star visitors to the eccentric singer's Neverland Ranch home, allegedly voiced his concerns to staff after a tour of the luxury mansion - which includes a fairground and cinema. According to court papers, Jackson's cook, Stella LeMarque, was asked by the Hollywood legend, "What the hell is Michael doing with those kids?" However, Jackson's lawyer says the singer has a list of celebrity friends who are willing to vouch for him in court over child molestation claims. Jackson, who denies all 10 child abuse charges, is calling on a star-studded list of witnesses to defend him including Liz Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross and Barry Gibb. Illusionists David Blaine and Uri Geller are also expected to defend the star, as is Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and talk show hosts Jay Leno and Larry King. Meanwhile, the singer is set to return to the Santa Maria courthouse today (22.02.05) after he was hospitalised with "severe flu" - postponing proceedings for a week.

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