Robbie Williams came agonisingly close to becoming the new Queen singer. The pop heartthrob was in advanced talks with bandmembers guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor to join the veteran rockers on this year's reunion tour - replacing the late Freddie Mercury. However, Robbie - who famously re-recorded classic Queen hit 'We Are The Champions' with the two legendary musicians for 2001 film 'A Knight's Tale - just lost out on the coveted position, eventually being beaten by Free singer Paul Rodgers, 55. May, 57, said: "We got close with Robbie. We thought, 'Wouldn't it be fun if we did something.' It came close." Taylor insists at one stage all parties involved were really keen on having the 'Angels' singer join, but believes it didn't happen after doubts crept in as to whether it could work because of Robbie's superstar status. He explained: "He was keen on the idea and then I think we all drew back a little, thought about it and then decided, 'Maybe not', you know." Earlier this year, Robbie admitted he would have loved to have been give the chance to replace Mercury - who tragically died of Aids in 1991 - in the band.

He said at the time: "I'd have killed for a chance to sing with those guys backing me.

How cool would that have been?"

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