Stephen Baldwin is praying for Tom Cruise's soul. The 'Usual Suspects' star, who has become a born again Christian, says the actor and leading figure in the Church of Scientology is on his hit list of celebrities he would like to save. Stephen explained to Radar magazine: "On the Hollywood list of people I pray for often, Tom Cruise is probably number one. "I'd love to break bread with him and pray with him, and I'd love for the Holy Spirit of God to reveal the truth to him." Stephen also claims Tom is a "very different guy" to the one he knew when they starred the 1989 movie 'Born on the Fourth of July' together. He said: "That regular Joe quality seems to have been lost. "When you buy enough of your own hype, then it's not who you are anymore."

Earlier this year, Stephen decided to sell his plush New York home because a sex shop opened in his neighbourhood.

At the time, the actor reportedly said he planned to shame patrons of the Rockland County store by taking pictures of their license plates and publishing their names in a local paper.

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